Thursday, 8 May 2014

Magnificent 7th Challenge - Create An Outfit Around Your Favourite Accesory

I would just like to start by saying sorry I am a day late with this post. I was having some connection problems last night...

This month's theme is all about our favourite accessory. I will be honest here I tend to spend more time thinking about the outfit i'm selecting and then find an accessory to work with my chosen ensemble. One that I tend to use for various different styles, usually for vintage and pinup looks is my white hair rose.

Petticoat By Vivien Of Holloway

Hair and MUA and photography by Aprea Chiara
Styling by Chiara and myself.
Please do not copy or edit any images without permission from model and photographer

Dress and Cinch Belt By Collectif
Photography by Blast Photo

I absolutely love hair flowers I think they can add such a sweet and feminine dimension to a look. They are an accessory that is typical in vintage styling but are fast becoming more popular with other looks. What makes this one of my favourite accessories is that it's actually my favourite flower also. I love roses and the handmade velvet rose was something I had to have when it saw it in the shop. 
Made by Black Rose, an alternative store based in the heart of Camden Lock they had several vintage treats and the rose was a must have for me. I need to pick up a red one soon! 

Check out what some of the other gorgeous ladies picked as their accessory!


  1. I love hair flowers too and you look gorge in these photos. I have actually just signed up to an etsy seller who sends out 14 a year so I'll soon have loads more, hehe. x

    1. Thanks honey. Can you give me the link of the seller? That is something that would interest me too x