Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An Outfit Idea For The Current Season

This time of year brings many changes; we're starting to feel that chill in the air, the darkened leaves are falling from the trees and the sunshine has pretty much left us for the remainder of the year. I, like many others use this time of year to refresh my wardrobe. I scour the shops and websites looking for inspirational looks that will make me look fabulous in the cooler months. 

At the moment I'm seeking styles that will look great at any given time of the day. We all get those random phone calls come lunch time with someone wanting to meet for an afternoon drink, spur of the moment meals out and a variety of other social events. I thought I'd look for something smart, chic, sophisticated and classic with a slight modern twist. We all like to look good at any given moment and I wanted an outfit that would leave me ready for anything. My search led me to One Stop Plus where I ended up with a wish list outfit that I just have to have:

Image Courtesy Of One Stop Plus

This houndstooth top is just the kind of thing I was looking for. I really like classic prints as they never go out of style and can pretty much be worn all year round. An added bonus is that this style is bang on trend! 
My current obsession with lace also had this top catching my eyes. The simple style would lend itself well to the office and can also be dressed up for a night on the town. 

Image Courtesy Of Boohoo

Basic colours leave an outfit open to many opportunities and this is one of the reasons why I am so easily drawn to blacks and whites. Despite the change in the weather and things slowly cooling down, for a simple piece that would work at any restaurant or event this jacket provides a nice amount of coverage whilst not overpowering the rest of the outfit. I thought this gorgeous Candice Oversized Boxy Jacket  from Boohoo would be a nice option. I think this one gives the look that extra element of sophistication that I enjoy from time to time.

Image Courtesy Of  Pinupgirl Clothing

As a huge vintage lover I thought it would be fun to select something to work alongside the classic houndstooth print in the blouse so when I saw this Audrey flared skirt from PinupGirl Clothing. You can never go wrong with a black skirt and this is one that can be worn at the office, on a hot date or as casual wear. Any multi-purpose item is more than welcome in my wardrobe. A cute pencil skirt would fare well also.

Image Courtesy Of  Office

Once I have all my key items in place and I know where I want to go with the outfit I then think about accessories that might just add that extra something to the overall look I'm going for. Those of you who read my blog and know my style will be aware that I like to have items in my wardrobe and accessory box that I can use in many different outfits. I tend to work with my favourite colours and prints and then expand from there. As blue is my favourite colour and is one I love to wear I was over the moon to stumble across these gorgeous heels from Office.

As soon as I saw the cobalt blue I thought OH YES! What I love the most though is the heel I think is the snakeskin electric blue print. These would also work really nicely with jeans, denim jackets and a selection of other blue and black based items.  

Image Courtesy Of River Island

As no outfit is complete without a handbag I thought I'd look for something bright and fresh for the summer that would be a good size and when I saw this blue and white number from River Island, this outfit had suddenly pulled itself together for me!

What's fun is playing around with different hair styles, jewellery and make up looks also. There are so many different ways you can switch up your look and what better time to do it than when the weather is cold dark and dreary. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't mean we have to be!

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