Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Leather And Lace - A Junarose Review

*This Dress Was A Gifted Item

Sometimes you see an item of clothing that you just have to have! It's your ultimate style, great colour and detail and something you know you can style up or down. Recently I was given the opportunity to check out the latest collections from Junarose with Hanna and we were both given the chance to leaf through some samples and take a few bits. 

 I had previously bought into the lies about white being a colour big girls should avoid because it makes us look larger. I'm also the sort of person who would happen to eat something containing tomatoes and end up wearing half of it down my front lol. Over the years I have changed my mind set about white clothes and now I own tones of them! I chose this gorgeous white lace dress because I instantly liked it after seeing it. I'm wearing this in a size M and I absolutely love it! The fit is just perfect for me, moulding against my bust and behind to enhance my curves and stopping just above the knee. 

If anyone is considering purchasing this one I should note that the lace is a really soft stretch lace that is really comfortable to wear. Unlike some lace items I have worn in the past this one doesn't cling or pinch anywhere, especially the arms. As you all know my arms a little on the chunkier side and I have had issues with some tops and jackets in the past because of this and have had to up-size from time to time for more comfort. 

I chose to wear this one with leggings. As I have a fairly sizeable behind the dress hitches up just a little too much for me to wear this as a singular item but that of course would be different from woman to woman. One thing I love about this dress is the lining, a really soft material I believe to be Toulouse. I really like that you can wear this dress with pretty much any bra you like without having the straps on show. 

I have worn this dress a few times now and each time has been different. You can really dress this one up with some pearl jewellery, heels and a really sweet jacket. I thought it would be cool to put it with black leggings, leather boots and top it off with my biker jacket. You all know I love my beret hats as they are so comfortable and can also be added to really casual or dressy looks. This one is a really old one from Simply Be but the colour was just perfect to work alongside the dress and an easy option for me to just slip on. Hot pink lipstick and some silvery jewellery and I was ready and set to go!

I love how some items can be right up your street but have a little bit of a twist. If you like this lace dress you'll be pleased to know it's currently available on the Junarose website along with some other lace items that are amazing! I have seen some of the upcoming collection and I have to say you're in for a treat ladies, stay tuned to see what's coming!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


  1. You're so pretty!
    The dress looks great on you.

    I don't own anything white, not because of the so-called-rule, but because I just don't like it on me. It suits you so well!

    Lace is devine.
    Great post! <3

    1. Hi Sam I hope all is well. Thanks for such a lovely compliment xx

  2. Looks a lovely, versatile piece. I love how you chose to go with the jacket and boots to give it an edgier look. You look fab!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Ruby. This is a dress that could easily be styled up in a feminine and girly way. I just decided to wear it in a more casual way for these pictures x