Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Perfect Coat - A Curvissa Review

*This coat was a gifted item

The hardest part about this time of year is the randomly changing weather. Now anyone who knows me will know that I'm a true summer baby, not only was I born slap bang in the middle of July I absolutely adore hot and sunny days. I'm really not a fan of the winter, I'm one of those people who pretty much feels the cold before everyone else and I always struggle when it comes to finding fun and comfortable winter clothes that are practical.

Recently I was contacted by the lovely team at Curvissa. They were running a campaign about winter coats and when they offered me the chance to review one I jumped at it! Now when it comes to my outer wear I usually have two primary thoughts, can I wear this coat with thick and warm jumpers, and will I be able to zip it up over my bust and still maintain a tailored fit? 

I tend to look for black winter coats when shopping this time of year. I love to bring colour into my winter wardrobe but I feel with jackets and coats I prefer simple staple colours that can work with the majority of the items in my wardrobe. What first caught my eye when I saw the Belted Short Coat was the contrast in fabrics between the sleeves, collar and main bodice of the coat. I find that this gives a little added edge to a simple silhouette and is in keeping with many of the styles out on the high street at the moment. What I really like about this one is even with sweaters and such, my curves are still accentuated in this coat and that with layers it doesn't look bulked out and tent-like. 

Winter is well and truly here so be sure to stay warm and wrap up well! There are some amazing new options out there so take a look at the coats available from Curvissa, there's something to suit everyone!

  Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Casual Chic - A Junarose Review

*This Dress Was A Gifted Item

Every now again you find the perfect item of clothing that you can wear in several ways that suits your style down to the ground! Recently when I was given the opportunity to check out the current collection from Junarose clothing, I was given several items for review. Junarose has fast become a brand that I wear pretty much all the time. The slick and modern styles, amazing quality and super flattering garments that they produce are second to none! 

When I first saw the drapy dress, I was first taken by the strikeout pattern and soft jersey fabric. I'm a huge fan of t-shirt dresses as I like stylish items that sit comfortably and have plenty of stretch. What I love about this dress in particular is that it seems to have 3 different styles rolled into one. To me, the drapy dress is a combination of a shift dress, bodycon and t-shirt dress. 

I'm wearing this dress in a size M and as you can see I have plenty of room and comfort. What I love is that this dress doesn't cling anywhere, yet it drapes perfectly over your curves, still allowing you to showcase your shape. A feature I really like about this dress is the round neck detail. Often dresses of this style would have a wrapped front of plunged neckline to showcase some cleavage. Now I'm no stranger to cleavage and I enjoy showing mine every now and then but, I do like that because my chest is concealed I can wear this dress pretty much anywhere and could take it from a casual day look, into an evening look simply by changing my accessories. 

I used to pretty much live in black clothes and mostly wore the colour because I was listening to the age old theory that black is best because it's slimming. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know how much I love colour and that I try to embrace it within my style. With all that being said I still own a ton of black clothes as I find they make amazing staple pieces which work well when combining your outfits. This dress does something that I love! The colour allows for a cool monochrome look or you can match bold and striking colours in for a more playful finish.

I wanted a casual and sophisticated look when I took these photos. I thought I would go for monochrome styling and so it was an easy look for me to pull together. A simple pair of black leggings, my gold chained black boots, black beret and my signature hoop earrings. As winter is well and truly starting to set in I thought I'd pair the look with my cream boucle coat also from Junarose. This one was a sample that was given to me again in size M. I don't think it's currently available as I was unable to find a link on their website. My box grid necklace was a must for a little added sparkle and Hanna's monochrome pallet clutch which she let me borrow. 

I don't deal with the winter months too well. I'm really a summer baby and enjoy the heat and everything else that comes with it. I try to find ways to incorporate some of my summer clothes into the winter wardrobe. Due to lack of space and my need to be efficient I find that this gives me more wear out of my outfits. Have a look in your wardrobes, you may be surprised what items can be switched between seasons. Luckily for me the need for hats is becoming more evident with the cold chill in the air. My obsession with beret hats has gotten worse and I have just bought several in some interesting and fun colours, I'm sure they will make an appearance on the blog in the near future. Have fun out there everyone and stay warm! 

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!