Monday, 27 January 2014

Black Sparkle! A Review Of The Black Sequin Shift Dress By Yours Clothing

Towards the end of last year there were a series of fabulous parties, events and friendly gatherings that took place. One thing that we all like to do when meeting our friends for dinner, heading to a party or when we hit the clubs is to look glamours. I am a firm believer that you can't go wrong when you have a bit of sparkle in your wardrobe, and it was this need for something that glimmers which had me picking up the Black Sequin Shift Dress from Yours Clothing.

What drew me to this one is the simplicity in it's style. Sometimes I like to look glammed up but not to the point of being over dressed. I loved the length of this one as it just skims the knees and clings in all the right places, showcasing my curves and concealing the areas I'd rather cover up. The material is soft and extremely comfortable to wear and I think it's one that can be worn at any special occasion or fun night out.

The dress has a cut out in the back which nicely covers the back band of your bra offering another dimension to the design and giving it that little something extra. I decided to also pick up the Cap Sleeve Jersey Shrug With Seam Detailing  from Yours Clothing to pair with this one. As some of you may know I feel more comfortable with the tops of my arms covered and I also thought it might make the dress a little warmer during the cold holiday season. The shrug is a silky soft material that slips on really nicely and feels great on. 

I decided to wear this one with a pair of the Black Ruched Hem Leggings they sell also. These feel fantastic on, are fantastic quality and make for a great staple piece in any wardrobe. And even better news, you can buy two pairs for just £16 or one for £10

Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing

You could pair this one with tights or of course wear on it's own. For me I was aiming for a classic all in black look with a silver accessories. Heeled lace pumps finished off the look and I have to say I have worn this dress a couple of times now and it always looks fantastic on. As a side note this one washes really well also. 

Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing

This one is also available in gold and is currently on sale reduced from a fantastic £35 down to £15 so be sure to pick up yours before all the available sizes run out!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Win A £200 Voucher With Slink Boutique!

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Good luck everyone!

Taking Shape, Fashion For Curves! Bluefield Dress Review

I first came across Taking Shape earlier this year and I was really impressed to see a plus size company with a slightly different feel. Recently there has been a huge influx of brands trying to reach out to the plus size market and it's nice to see us larger women being embraced and finally being given the chance to dress just as fashionably as our smaller peers. The company specialises in making clothes that suit and flatter women size 14-26.

Taking Shape first made moves in Australia and New Zealand and have finally reached UK shores, bringing a whole host of fantastic looks with them! The company offers clothing from 3 different brands: ts, virtuelle and eplissè, with a variety of styles available to cater for women of different ages and tastes. Already they have opened stores all over the country with more set to open by the end of the year and their online presence can already be strongly felt throughout the various social media channels. 

When I first flicked through their brochure one the outfits that I knew I wanted to try out was the Bluefield dress. The long sleeved patterned number really caught my eye as the combination of rich blues and purples seemed like a great item to get, especially during the transition between winter and spring. The dress just skims over the curves and hugs in all the right places. Unlike a lot of the dresses you see out there with this kind of cut, this one comes with 2 very discreet front pockets! Even though the material is quite thin the quality of the fabric is fantastic and feels extremely warm on.

I received a ton of compliments about this dress from family members an colleagues alike, everyone said that it looked great on. The thing I loved about this dress is that it enhances my best assets whilst concealing my not so great ones! 

I got this dress in a size 20 and I should add Taking Shape are pretty generous with their sizing so depending on what you pick out, you may be able to downsize. I would refer to their online size guide for reassurance. 

I paired this one with thick black leggings, platform black heels and my black beret. For a little extra something, silver jewellery was how I chose to enhance the look. Playing around with the various colours of the dress could also be fun with exciting nail polishes and eye-shadows, handbags and jewellery. 

Stock Images Courtesy Of Taking Shape

If you fancy something dressy with a casual flair this is definitely a dress to try, you can dress it up or down however you choose and it would most definitely be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

I really look forward to trying out some more items from Taking Shape and I'll be sure to let you know how I get on with them. Why not check out their website and see what else they have to offer:

Friday, 10 January 2014

Neon Thriller T-Shirt Review - A King Of Shop Exclusive!

One thing we all have in common is that we like to sometimes be a lot less dressy than usual and a little more casual in our style. When I take the glam down a bit I like to wear my Michael Jackson t-shirts. I usually pair these with a simple black pair of jeans or leggings.
Anyone who knows me is aware that I am HUGE Michael Jackson fan, so much so that some friends and I started a publication and online store a few years ago about the King Of Pop.

From the success of our magazine, 'Michael Jackson's Iconic Magazine' we were soon in a position to start an online emporium for all official Michael Jackson merchandise and apparel. We have collaborated with Bravado merchandising for quite some time now and endeavour to bring some of the latest official designs to the market for the fans and music lovers of MJ.

Our latest design to come out is 100% exclusive to us and celebrates the world's largest selling album of all time, Thriller. The Neon Thriller T-shirt comes available in the 4 sizes S, M, L and XL. I picked this one up in an XL.

Sorry about the lighting in this picture.
I was little under the weather when I took this picture sorry about the sad expression guys x

I love the fit as it's smooth, comfortable and feels great on! With such a bright and different colour-way this is a style that would suit both guys and girls. I personally will be pairing this one with some bright coloured jewellery most likely. There are many colours to pull from so the options are endless! 
The guys out there may want to play around with brightly coloured socks, wrist bands and fitted caps for example.
I look forward to seeing how people make this one work for best for them. 

If you are familiar with the short film for Thriller then you'll find the image design a familiar one:

Stock image courtesy of king-of-shop

If you like the look of this t-shirt and think it might look great in your wardrobe this year why not check us out?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Blue Wrap Dress From Pink Clove - Review

When it comes to the clothes I buy there are various different things I look at before I make a purchase. I like to dress in a way that not only suits me but works with my personal taste both in fabrics and colours. When I saw the Blue Wrap dress from Pink Clove I knew this was one of those items I just had to buy. The sleek and casual style of the dress was a serious draw for me but in all honesty it was the striking colour that most caught my attention. My all time favourite colour is blue, I don't prefer any shade in particular, but when I see a deep and bold shade I usually buy the garment or accessory available. If I see a blue dress I like I just have to try it on!

Sorry about the bad lighting in these pictures everyone. 

When I first sported this dress I was on a romantic trip in Paris Versailles. I found this dress to be so comfortable and extremely warm despite the fact that the material is quite thin and I was there in November. I paired this one with black leggings and ugg boots and silver jewellery but I know this one will be a fantastic one to wear in the summer months with or without tights. You could even pair it with some wedges or sandals and blue acrylic jewellery. 

The fit for this one is lose but the material still hugs to your figure in a very flattering way. The fabric feels amazing on and the best part, the dress looks like it's more than double the retail value due to the rich colour and great fabric. I have paired this one with various accessories, cinch belts, bangles and heels. When you have a block colour like this you can almost treat it like a blank canvas and play around with different styles! I picked this one up in a size 22 and I just love the cut.  If you are considering trying this one out I would! I can honestly say you will not be disappointed! To add that to that it washes really well with no fading to the colour. 

Stock Images courtesy of Pink Clove

This dress is still available on the pink clove website for a fantastic price: £10.80 reduced from £18!

I really hope to see similar styles to this dress come from Pink Clove in an assortment of colour ways! 

DIY Teeth Whitener!

One thing that is important to most of us is our smile! Our teeth are on show a lot more than we may think about. Every time we speak, eat, yawn and of course smile our teeth are showcased. Now for me my teeth are very important to me and as someone who drinks perhaps a little too much coffee and who is also an ex smoker, keeping them pearly white is no easy feat! Now I have heard way too many horror stories about what teeth bleaching can do to the strength of your teeth and even some scary side effects. Not everyone has had a bad experience doing this but one thing we can all agree on is that it's a rather costly procedure to have done.

If like me you have tried almost every tooth whitening paste on the shelf, and have seen little or no difference then you may want to try this home remedy which is virtually costless and is extremely simple to make! All that is needed is 2 simple ingredients and they can both be found in your kitchen, Strawberries and Bicarbonate of soda!

So here's the recipe you need to make your own DIY teeth whitening solution:
1. Crush up your strawberries until they turn into a slushy sort of paste.
2. Mix in a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
3. Apply to your teeth using a tooth brush or a cotton bud.
4. Leave for around 3-6 minutes.
5. Rinse and then brush your teeth as normal.

Any excess strawberry seeds can be removed with dental floss.

Strawberries are extremely good for teeth whitening as their acidic content is fantastic for striping dies and stains from your teeth. Bicarbonate of soda is often used outside of the cooking arena for cleaning and whitening treatments.

Regular chewing of gum is a great way to keep your Saliva glands stimulated, having a good amount of Saliva in your mouth helps to prevent any stains from settling on your teeth.

Some people even eat a piece of cheese once a day to stimulate the gums and to provide a good source of calcium into the diet. For those of you who are intolerant to dairy or have a vegan diet, sesame seeds is also a fantastic source of calcium and can be quite a nice addition in salads and other meals.

Give this one a try and please let me know how you get on and if you see an improvement to your pearly whites!

Some of you may wish to consult a dentist before giving this one a try, as like most things we all react differently. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Top Looks From 2013

2013 was a really jam packed and eventful year for me! I was thrust into the plus size community and went from being a reader of blogs to starting up this one of my own. One of my new years resolutions for last year was to work on my self confidence and to branch out a lot more with my sense of style and I am so happy to say that I achieved these goals! Now I have a long way to go with where I want to be but I have to say it feels good to be in a place where I can say I have embraced myself.

I started last year with the outlook that I was going to make the most of what I have and do my utmost to step out try some new things with my sense of style. My mission was to take my all black wardrobe and I throw some heavy bursts of colour in there. My choice of style went from vintage pinup to bodycon chic in a matter of weeks!

I scoured internet pages everywhere to see how girls with a similar size and shape were dressing and I soon found some things that I wanted to try out and I have to say I am so proud that I did! 

Here are some of my favourite looks from 2013 and why they topped my list!

I fell in love with the Collectif Clothing range this year and I cannot wait to get more items from them! The clothes are fun, sassy and gorgeous and best of all, vintage! I absolutely love vintage fashion and I always have back from watching shows like happy days and movies like grease when I was younger.  I always wanted a dress that twirled so wide it was a show stopper. And anyone who knows me personally will know that i'm more than happy to shake what I have on the dance floor too!

The Dolores Doll, Sindy Doll, Gretal Gingham dresses and Blue Dietrich coat were my favourites! I have to admit I have several pieces from Collectif and I aim to double or even triple that amount in 2014! 

Some other items I bought but have yet to review are these lovely beauties: 

Stock Image Courtesy of Collectif

The Betty Lou skirt
I just love the little bow on this one and I love how it looks on!
Doesn't Georgina A.K.A Fuller Figure Fuller Bust look amazing in this outfit!?!


Stock Images Courtesy of Collectif

After I fell in love with the Dolores Doll Dress I had to pick up these hot Dolores tops!
I'll be sure to write reviews for these items very soon!

It's no secret how much I loved the Powerfit dress by Scarlet & Jo exclusively for Evans. This dress had something so cool about it and the fact that it was such a versatile number with so many different colour ways available was reason enough for any woman to get excited! These are my top 3 out of the 5 I bought! Of all the bodycon dresses I picked up this year I loved the Powerfit range the best as they had a sophistication that the others didn't. I have worn these dresses in many different situations and I feel like a million dollars each and every time! 

I loved playing around with different forms of clothing this year and some of the freshest looks for me were these! I bought my first swimdress and cover up from Evans this year but I have yet to try them out in a hot holiday destination, so when I do I'll let you know how I get on with them! 
The bodycon dresses you see below are from Asos. The Geo print and the XOXO dresses were the two styles I selected. I wanted to go daring and try something totally new and I think these dresses seriously tested my usual sense of style!

Overall 2013 was a fun year and I did and saw so much, made some fantastic friends and really pushed my own personal limits with what I previously would have been way to scared to even try on let alone walk down the street in! I look forward to seeing what fun and interesting looks 2014 has to offer and I'll be sure to keep you guys posted! 

Have a fantastic 2014! Let's make this year ours!!