Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Blue Wrap Dress From Pink Clove - Review

When it comes to the clothes I buy there are various different things I look at before I make a purchase. I like to dress in a way that not only suits me but works with my personal taste both in fabrics and colours. When I saw the Blue Wrap dress from Pink Clove I knew this was one of those items I just had to buy. The sleek and casual style of the dress was a serious draw for me but in all honesty it was the striking colour that most caught my attention. My all time favourite colour is blue, I don't prefer any shade in particular, but when I see a deep and bold shade I usually buy the garment or accessory available. If I see a blue dress I like I just have to try it on!

Sorry about the bad lighting in these pictures everyone. 

When I first sported this dress I was on a romantic trip in Paris Versailles. I found this dress to be so comfortable and extremely warm despite the fact that the material is quite thin and I was there in November. I paired this one with black leggings and ugg boots and silver jewellery but I know this one will be a fantastic one to wear in the summer months with or without tights. You could even pair it with some wedges or sandals and blue acrylic jewellery. 

The fit for this one is lose but the material still hugs to your figure in a very flattering way. The fabric feels amazing on and the best part, the dress looks like it's more than double the retail value due to the rich colour and great fabric. I have paired this one with various accessories, cinch belts, bangles and heels. When you have a block colour like this you can almost treat it like a blank canvas and play around with different styles! I picked this one up in a size 22 and I just love the cut.  If you are considering trying this one out I would! I can honestly say you will not be disappointed! To add that to that it washes really well with no fading to the colour. 

Stock Images courtesy of Pink Clove

This dress is still available on the pink clove website for a fantastic price: £10.80 reduced from £18!

I really hope to see similar styles to this dress come from Pink Clove in an assortment of colour ways! 


  1. I have one of the geo print wrap dresses from Pink Clove and love it. This one looks great on you! x

    1. Thank you Leah I love their range and I hope to pick up more items in future. I bet you look amazing in the geo print!

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