Tuesday, 31 December 2013


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Sunday, 15 December 2013

My Collectif Christmas Wish List!

I'm really missing wearing my 1950s styles this winter and the thing stopping me is simply the cold weather we're having! After seeing some of the new items on the Collecif website I think I have finally put together my wish list for this season. Hopefully I'll get some of these under the Christmas tree! 

All Stock Images Courtesy Of Collectif

Anastasia Coat And Cape £185

Faye Floral Doll Dress £115

Jean Bolero £30

I would love to take these items out and about over the Christmas season. Hopefully I'll get the chance to! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pink Clove - Tartan Skater Dress Review

I think it's fair to say that when I look for a new dress I either want something that could be a staple piece in my wardrobe or something more suited to those special occasions. When I first saw this dress it was worn by a couple of the girls at the recent Plus London event that took place this year. Now it seems that the common trend at the moment is Tartan prints, so combine that with a skater cut and for me you have yourself a winner!

The thing that caught my eye with this dress was how it suited everyone I saw wear it! When I see garments in an all over pattern I often find them to be a little too much or not quite enough. In this case I thought the look was just right, the colouring wasn't too bold or too rich, it was perfect!

This dress has fast become one of my favourite pieces to wear as it's just so comfortable! The stretchy material moulds perfectly around my bust and waist and feels fantastic on. I love the sleeves as I get the prefect coverage over my arms (as you may know from previous posts of mine I'm one to cover up my arms when I can!). For me though one of the great things about this dress is the belt! I have bought many an item over the years which comes with a belt and it's usually an accessory that I have to discard as most clothing companies simply make them too small!
I have worn this dress out and about, at work and for drinks. Each and every time I have had compliments from those around me and I always feel fantastic in it. Also I should add that it washes really well and the colour doesn't fade either.

I tend to wear this dress with thick black tights or leggings but of course you can go without and wear it on it's own. This is a fantastic item for this time of year as it's warm, colourful and has those reds and blues we all love! I have tried out a few different things when wearing this one and have swapped the navy patent belt for black and red vintage cinch belts. I tend to wear silver accessories such as bangles, pendants and my hoop earrings that I love so much. You can play around with this dress however you like to be honest. It might be a nice look to try some acrylic jewellery in the reds and blues to compliment the dress or you could even try black! I have worn this dress with black Uggs, high heels, boots and flats! The options are just endless. If you like this one you really should try it, you won't be disappointed! 

Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove

This dress is currently available at www.pinkclove.co.uk for a fantastic £22 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Definition Of Size Art Exhibition, What An Event!

When I met Anita Bellamy at Plus London this year I was so excited to hear about the fantastic exhibition she was working on. Hearing her thoughts about the plus size community and our daily struggles really made me address some issues that I had buried in the back of my mind. I myself have suffered from a variety of confidence issues such as not wanting to be seen in certain clothes, not wanting to show my naked body to a partner without seriously dim lighting etc. and she really got me thinking. Why am I allowing other people's ideals get into my head and make me hide behind certain defence mechanisms?!
Those who meet me find me to be a bubbly, outspoken and somewhat confident person but in all honesty I'm not quite as confident as I could be. I am happy to say that I have come on in leaps and bounds but I have a fair way to go. I see other plus size women showcasing their curves and wobbly bits in swim suits, daring cuts and wild prints and I wish I could push my own limits that little bit more!

What all my soul searching and experimentation has led me to believe is that confidence is key, one of the things that Anita is really trying to instil in everyone; not just the plus size community. The truth is the better you feel about yourself the better you live your life! It sounds pretty simple but for some people it's a lot harder than it sounds. In truth when you start to put value into yourself you make better personal choices, carry yourself with more pride and in turn become a lot happier! There really isn't enough emphasis put on how important it is to be confident and this is why when I heard about the 'Definition Of Size Art Exhibition' I knew I had to go and see what it was all about!

Me and my beautiful friends Sarah and Chiara
Photo By Irena Vondrasova

When I arrived I was greeted by the smiles of many friends I have made since my entry into the plus size and blogging community. Friends I had met online and at recent events were there, and even before the exhibition had begun the atmosphere in the room was fantastic! Beautifully covered canvases were waiting to be unveiled, drinks were flowing and everyone was anxious to see what was about to happen! Even with an ankle injury Anita was up and about making sure everyone felt more than welcome and that the days' events were set to run perfectly. The itinerary for the day included a fantastic speech about the project, live music entertainment, buffet lunch, beauty treatments and a raffle containing amazing prizes! It was clear to me that a lot of time, effort and work had gone into making the day happen and I was really pleased to have been invited to come down and be a part of it all!

Photo By Irena Vondrasova

Anita took the stage and shared her vision for the project with us all and I have to say even before I saw the gorgeous photographs on the canvases I was very inspired and really wanted to be a part of the project. I have seen so many people crushed and hindered by their lack of confidence and it's a problem that I really think needs to be addressed especially within the plus size community! I believe that everyone has a right to look and feel beautiful no matter who they are, what their background is or the size of their waist!

What was showcased to us were stunning photographs of both experienced and inexperienced models and to be honest, you wouldn't know who was used to being in front of the camera and who wasn't! Different styles of fashion and different types of women were in the pictures. What really excited me was to see that no matter what your look, size, style or ethnicity, beauty is one of the most diverse things out there! Unfortunately we only get to see one kind of beauty on a regular basis in our print magazines and television shows and I really think this kind of project will most definitely make many critics take off their blinders and see things from a new and fresh perspective!

Terri and her stunning portraits! Doesn't she look amazing?!

After seeing such great photography we had some live music from X Factor contestants Brick City and had a fantastic time getting henna tattoos, facials and talking all things fashion until the end of the evening. I can't wait to see what else comes from this fantastic project and I'll be sure to keep you all posted about it!

Brick City
Photo By Irena Vondrasova

Me and the girls!
Photos By Irena Vondrasova

Myself and the lovely Anita

It's really great to see things moving in the right direction. Plus size fashion brands, tv shows, blogs, magazines and various projects being held in our community are slowly making it happen. Hopefully things continue on in this way because so far it feels good to be a part of the transition. 
Finally people are starting to see that we have a right to look and feel just as attractive as our smaller counter parts and I believe functions like this one can only speed up the changing process. 

Club Indulge Christmas Bring N' Buy Market!

Hey guys this looks like a pretty good event! For those of you who want to get rid of some old bits or you're looking for something new, why not check this out?! 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Definition Of Size, Art Exhibition - Plus Confidence In You

One of the most talked about topics of the moment is confidence! I have recently stumbled across many blog posts, Facebook statuses, tumblr posts, tweets, and Instagram pics on the very subject! It seems that some people have a heavy dose of confidence and others need a bit of a helping hand. I am one of many people who has had a lifelong battle with confidence and it seems that only recently I have begun to win the fight! 

As someone who spent her childhood and teen years constantly fighting myself and others about my weight, I know first hand how sometimes you can feel so bad about yourself that you'd rather stay home and hide under the covers, instead of going outside with your head held high to face the world. It's hardly surprising that in today's society both men and women are in a constant struggle to find acceptance from the majority. From what I can see a lot of this is because people feel that they don't "look" right compared to their peers. Magazines, online forums and other internet platforms, radio shows etc. are all things that are currently being used to knock people for their appearance. 

I myself have fallen into the trap laid out by the media and have beaten myself up and worked myself into a frenzy trying to fit in with other women with looks, fashion and size. After years of back and forth, up and down and hair tugging; I finally decided to just enjoy who I am and make the best of what I have. As I have said before I agree that it's vital to eat well and get plenty of exercise but there is a misconception that this will be the ultimate key to happiness and a fantastic image. In a lot of cases this is all it takes, but I have met many people over the years and what is obvious to me is that not only do we all come in many shapes and sizes, we all have different things that work for and against us when it comes to our looks and appearance. Diet and exercise plans, tape measures and fad trends have brought a lot of people to a size and shape that they can love, but in my experience they were all different torture devices that only made me feel worse about myself in the long run and had my size yo-yoing up and down more than I care to express.

The lovely Anita Bellamy 

At the recent Plus London event a lot of interesting things happened and I met a lot of fantastic women! One woman in particular who really struck a chord with me was Anita Bellamy, Plus size model, musician, and major fashionista. Over a friendly drink myself, Anita and some of the other girls got into a bit of a debate about how important confidence actually is! Elements of this particular conversation spilled into the blogger discussion that took place on the Community Day of the event also. It seems that in today's world it's OK to ridicule, belittle and basically trample all over a particular group of people because they are fat! Not only do I find the current treatment of fat people insulting and offensive it's also rather uncalled for!

Anita shared some pretty horrific stories with me about how some of the people she's met and worked with in the past have been treated because of their size. It's hard to shock me but I was honestly jaw drop shocked at some of the things she was saying! I totally understand why she is so eager to try and make positive changes where she can through talking to various individuals, fashion brands and like minded people. I'm pretty sure that it won't be long before many more people are attached to the cause as she's doing some fantastic things and turning many heads in the process.

Plus Confidence in you was started by Anita to empower and educate others on the importance of body confidence in both men and women, and especially plus size people! You may be wondering what exactly is Plus Confidence in you and what are it's aims?

"Is an organisation that has zero tolerance regarding body size discrimination. Plus Confidence in you; helps bring ordinary people of any size together and realising that we are not alone in this weight game. We have been campaigning for just over two years and are no longer going to try and be accepted or fit in with how society feels we should look. Images shown on the Internet, magazines and television do not portray the top end of plus size people in a good light and in many ways this sort of negative behaviour has caused many people to feel isolated and alone. We would like to; create a safe and friendly community that shows we are active and creative people. That it should be about fitness and not size. We want to bring together fashion, designers and a full spectrum of companies to work with us to show that people of size can and do contribute to society at large."

Anita will be holding a preview event for her art project to give everyone a taster of the project and raise funds for the project. Info can be found in the flyer below, come along and meet Anita and have a good time:

"The Definition of Size Exhibition will carve out a niche in the fashion industry and indeed society in this innovative first of its kind exhibition. This body confidence program will be recognized not just for its elegance and beauty but will appeal to people of all walks of life with the issues around body confidence and individuality."

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Plus London 2013... Fun, Fantastic, Fabulous!

For the past few months I have read blog posts and tweets about the previous Plus London and Plus North events that have taken place. Seeing all the amazing pictures and stories about the fashion, the talks and the festivities of these fantastic events had me eager to go down to one of them for myself! When Plus North came about a couple of months ago I unfortunately couldn't get the time off work, so when I saw that an amazing event was being held in my home town of London, and local to me, I couldn't miss it! I immediately registered for my tickets online and was quickly counting down the days until I was due to go. The question that was on everyone's minds was, 'what should I wear?!'.  I opted for my favourite dress, the Dolores Doll by Collectif! 

The event was comprised into three parts; Brand Day, After Dark and Community Day. 
Two leading plus size brands; Simplybe and Curvissa sponsored the weekend event, and I have to say it was so worth the wait! As soon as I walked through the door I was given a warm welcome and smile by the team,  and I quickly saw a range of familiar faces; bloggers, tweeters and fashionistas who filled the room. I was so pleased to see that even though we were all of "plus size" we all came with our own look and style. I was soon mentally taking notes of some of the fabulous combinations of colours, fabrics and accessories the girls carefully selected to create their outfits. I have to say, I soon ended up with a few ideas for some of my own looks. I'd like to add that for all of those fashion critics who think that the token look for a plus size girl is a black smock with plain and unflattering pants, they could not be more wrong! There was so much individuality, and tons of innovative styles in the room that you couldn't help but be inspired!

A random quadruple selfie with me and the girls 

It was really refreshing to see independent companies networking and showcasing their products along with the mainstream brands that nearly every woman there had in her wardrobe. As we were given the chance to leaf through stands full of fantastic items there was so much going on! Old and new friends were gushing over the new and fantastic lines being presented to them on the stands and we were all taking note of items that we were eager to add to our wardrobes and accessory drawers! I thought it was great that representatives from the brands were happy to have talks with the group and discuss the new and upcoming lines, whilst taking feedback from the bloggers and buyers. It was evident to me that every one in the room all shared the common purpose of making us bigger girls look and feel fantastic about ourselves and I was so pleased to see that everyone came in with a positive outlook and an excitement to be there.

I attended both days of the weekend event and I after taking part in several conversations with the girls there. It got me to thinking about the "plus size" community that I was a part of. I have always been a big girl and I have always been the "big girl" in the group. For the first time I was surrounded by women who had experienced the same troubles, stereotypes and wardrobe malfunctions as myself!. What became apparent to me is how so many of the current fashion brands are embracing us bigger girls as women who can look just as stylish as our smaller counterparts, and that we also deserve that right. It seemed to me that every single person who participated in the event not only wants to look and feel great but knows that it's her personal right to be able to walk down the street with her head held high in the clothes of her choice!

BLAST were there to capture the goings on during Brand Day and After Dark. I was lucky enough to have a slot with them where I asked the gorgeous Sarah to join me for a few snaps. The pictures that were taken of the girls throughout the day looked beautiful from what I saw. At Plus London After Dark, the after party held on the Saturday. Blast held an impromptu fun shoot complete with props and costumes. I was draped in feather bowers and depicted as both an angel and a vixen lol. This was a lot of fun and a really nice addition to the weekend. Check out some of their photography on their website www.blastphoto.co.uk

Me and the gorgeous Sarah H  

Photography by Blast Photo

The panel discussion which took place on Sunday the 3rd was very inspiring and tackled issues such as the sex life of a fat girl, the stereotypes, the media, health and exercise. I love to take part in a good and healthy debate so to hear so many fantastic points of view left me feeling uplifted, inspired and even more confident than I was before the event took place.

Lately it seems that being a plus size woman comes with a stigma, misconceptions and a general negative vibe. I will say though being around all the other women at the event and speaking to some of the other bloggers gave me a sigh of relief. I found the event to be a breath of fresh air and I can honestly say that even though we face our daily struggles it is nice to know that we are moving towards positive things and that we're able to do it together with confidence, a smile and a damn good outfit on our backs! It's nice to know that we are FINALLY starting to not only like who we are but really enjoy who we are. I have NEVER in my entire life been in a room with so many fantastic women and I know that I have gained some great new friends who I may not have met had I not taken part in the weekend.

I really feel that we benefit from events such as this one because it not only gives us a chance to be around others who are similar to ourselves, it's a chance for us to embrace ourselves and celebrate who we are. I can honestly say not one person came with a bad or negative outlook and everyone was sad to see the weekend come to and end. It was obvious to me that a huge amount of work had gone into the preparation of the event and I think it's fair to say that the team outdid themselves in making it all happen and bringing everyone together.

I can't wait for the next one and I hope that I will finally be able to take part in Plus North also.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Flock Skater Dress And PU Side Panel Leggings - A Yours Clothing Review

For a very long time the name Yours Clothing has popped up when I have searched for "plus size clothes at a great price". I had glanced at their website many times in the past, and I always wanted to pop down to one of their branches to try on some of the clothes before taking the plunge and making a purchase. After speaking with a friend on Instagram who was wearing a gorgeous dress from the site I decided to take another look at the site and see what was on offer.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the clothes were not only bang on trend but there were loads of items that I really had my eyes on! I decided to take advantage of the current discounts on offer and I placed an order. My selection was the Black PU leggings with side panel and the Red And Black Short Sleeve Flock Print Skater Dress from the 'Limited Collection'.

Both items are still available on the website and in stores. The dress retails at £30 and is also available in purple. The leggings £12.50

I have to say I absolutely love this outfit! The dress is fantastic quality, the flock print detail is in a soft velvety material 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane. The dress skims over the curves perfectly and feels so soft against the skin. This is one that is fantastic for the autumn/winter months and can be worn as a simple dress or paired with leggings or tights. The material has a fair amount of stretch and sits nicely on the bust. You could wear this one with a cinch belt if you wanted to enhance the curvature of the waist.  I will be honest, I don't think it needs it as it's such a nice fabric and a great fit! I ordered this dress in a size 22 as I like a fair amount of room in my dresses so that I can feel comfortable in the boob area but there is a fair amount of stretch as I said before so you may want to go by your exact size, this dress would have fit perfectly fine in a 20 if I wanted to buy it a size smaller. 

The leggings are a fantastic fit and they feel extremely comfortable and warm on. I always worry about picking leggings because I find that depending on the pair you buy they can stretch across your behind and go a little see-through. I'm not one for showing everyone what under garments I have on so I was happy to see that this pair was just the right thickness to give me full coverage. 

Stock Images Courtesy of Yours Clothing 

You could accessories this outfit in many ways with gold, black or silver adornments such as bangles, chokers or necklaces. I like to pair this one with my black suede jacket and platform heels. There are so many possibilities! 

I have to say I will definitely be picking up more items from Yours Clothing and I'm glad that I finally took the plunge and tried out some of their items!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Collectif Gretel Gingham Swing Dress Review

When it comes to Vintage dresses there are various styles and prints that will ALWAYS be in style! Polka dots, cherries, swallows and gingham fabrics. 

As you all know when I see something I like the look of I will push and push and push to get hold of it! I first saw this dress modelled by the beautiful Georgina Horne AKA Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Not only did she give the dress a fantastic review, she was used as the model on the Collectif website. After reading her post on this gorgeous number I knew I had to try and get hold of my own dress. 

I ran down to the Camden store to see what vintage treats I might find and of course scope out the dress! Unfortunately the dress that was in store was a size too small for me as I needed something to accommodate my large bust. I wasn't put off however, my main purpose for this shopping trip was to see if the dress suited me and felt comfortable on. 

To my luck when I was ready to order the dress, Collectif were having a fantastic online sale which I took full advantage of! I ordered this dress in a size 22 Which for me fits really comfortably with plenty of space across my curves and just enough boob room for the cute heart shape buttons not to gape. I already knew that I would wear this dress the same way I wear my others with a bolero and cinch belt. I like to colour coordinate my clothes and so depending on my mood I work from the colours in the dress. White or red accessories and boleros would work with this dress or if you want something a little more striking you could of course add some black hints. 

This is one that I have worn both with and without a petticoat. The photo above was taken as soon as I got the dress out of the packet and tried it on! I love the light weight feel of the fabric and the cute trim. I'll be honest with you; depending on the look you want to achieve and on your body shape you may need to go up a size. This dress is available in UK sizes 6-22 but the fabric doesn't allow for much stretch. If you hold a curvier frame or slightly larger bust I would recommend trying this in a larger size. 

I have to say every time I have worn this dress I have gotten the most amazing compliments from people. It really is a show stopper and you can't help but feel dainty and feminine in this number!

I personally would only wear this dress on warmer days as the fabric is so light but I think there is a lot you could do with this one. If you are trying to get more of a pin-up look then heels or patent flats would be a great addition with maybe a hair flower, and jewellery. You could take this one in another direction and wear it with a denim jacket and brown boots, this would give you more of a country or cowgirl look and would take the style to another dimension. 

As you know I love the clothes from Collectif for their style, versatility and quality so it really is worth giving them a try. Trust me you won't regret it! This dress is still available on their website and in stores.

Stock Image Courtesy Of Collectif

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sleek Brow Kit Review

I'm not someone who wears make-up everyday but when I do there are various items that I just can't be without! The one area of my face that I pay the most attention to and provide with the most coverage is my eyes. My eyes are my favourite part of my face and the one area I tend to get the most comments on. Every woman has their favourite eye liner or shadow but for me the one area I spend the most time on is my eyebrows.

In my experience I found that spending loads of time getting my lids perfect became a pointless exercise if I let my eyebrows go untouched or in some cases over touched! I tried so many different things to perfectly frame my eyes; from using pencils, shadows and even eye liner pencil!

A little over a year ago I was walking through a shopping mall and ended up in the beauty section. One of the sales girls offered to give me a little make over with some make-up products. I thought to myself, why not? I might actually learn something here! She pulled out a product that I wasn't familiar with; it was a combination of a pigmented wax and a shadow. This particular product was from Benefit. When she was finished what I saw in the mirror was 2 really defined, yet soft eyebrows that looked fabulous. I didn't have any eye liner or mascara on at the time so I will be totally honest, the look was a little too much on its own. I didn't go back and buy the product however, I loved the end result but I found it rather pricey for what it was. This was also at a time when I wore make-up rather infrequently so I didn't see the need to make the purchase. 

A few weeks later a family friend who is an extremely talented beautician came over to visit with us. Over a conversation I asked her how she managed to get such perfect eyebrows. She then introduced me to a product that is now the most essential item in my make-up bag and something that I always make sure I have! The Brow Kit by Sleek. 

This kit comes in a series of shades to suit all hair colours and all complexions. It's comprised of a pigmented wax and a shadow and comes with mini tweezers, which is always handy. 

My tip when it comes to doing your eyebrows is to go with what works against your complexion. I used to wear black eyebrow make-up because my hair is black and in fact it didn't look so great when I look back at old pictures. The good thing about this kit is the way that you apply the make-up. I always buy the Dark kit and I love the end result! 

The pigmented wax should be applied first and this not only enhances the shape of your eyebrow but it darkens them ever so slightly whilst providing the perfect base for the shadow. I use the triangular shaped brush for this is as I think it provides the best precision. 
The shadow is then applied to finish off the look and the darker you want your eyebrows to look, the more shadow you pile on, it's as simple as that! For this I use the rounded brush. You might find that using the brushes the other way around works better for you depending on the shape of your eye brows and how thick they are.

I tend to thread my eyebrows every so often to get the perfect shape as often tweezers simply just can't grab hold of those tiny little hairs. Having said that every woman has her own routine when it comes to personal grooming and I have also been known to wax those stray hairs from time to time so whatever works for you I would do. 

It should also be noted that one application will last you the entire day! I often wear make-up to work and even if I head out afterwards and come home rather late into the night; my eyebrows will still be in tact! Also your eyebrows won't smear if you're caught in the rain or you're someone who sweats from your brow. I honestly can't sing up this product even more, you should definitely try it out for yourself! This is one that can be purchased in selected superdrug stores, hair and beauty supply stores and of course online. The best part... the kit retails for around £9. I use this kit most days and I have to say it lasts me for around 6-8 months! This is by far my favourite item in my make-up bag and I know you will love it when you try it out too. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Collectif Dolores Doll Dress Polka Review

When it comes to classic vintage pin-up girls there is one thing that pretty much all of them have in common; at some point they have all worn a classic polka dot dress!

The simple spotted patten is one that has NEVER gone out of style and it continues to be just as popular now as it was decades ago! I think the one thing we ladies have in common when it comes to selecting our dresses is the need to find something that's flattering, stylish and versatile. These were three elements that I found when I picked up my first Dolores Doll Dress from Collectif. Not only was the print those simple but timeless spots, it had all the features of the perfect pin-up dress. I absolutely love the cut of this dress and the little puffed sleeves were just darling. I just love the cinched in waist and the flared skirt as the cut lends to that hour glass shape and hides a multitude of sins! 

This of course is one that you can wear with or without a petticoat and you can wear it pretty much for any occasion! The fabric is 98% cotton 2% elastane, and not only feels great on but sits just right on the curves. Now as I have a rather big bust I have to say that when I wear this I am given a more than impressive cleavage; which is always nice! If you do hold a bigger bust then you'll love this one because there is plenty of room in that area to make you feel comfortable whilst being sexy, but still with heaps of class!

The first time I took this one out on the town was out with friends for my birthday drinks this year and I have to admit not only was I dressed to impress, the compliments I got in this number just kept on coming! Going dancing in a dress that not only feels great, but "swings" with you is just amazing. I even ended up getting myself into a spin with people I hadn't ever met before!

The versatility in this dress goes way beyond it's image. One of the things I love the most about the Dolores style is the fact that you can wear this one out on the town, at a quiet dinner party, for a picnic, formal affair, as a simple day dress, the options are just endless! I have worn this dress countless times and I never get bored of it. I love the fact that unlike some other styles it's not limited to an evening event or formal affair. What you do to jazz it up is simply up to you! 

For me I tend to add a splash of colour to this one with my red boleros, red cinch belts and red petticoats. Of course I pair the ensemble with my red patent flats but you can of course wear this one with heels and that super striking red lipstick that we all love! The black or white dresses leave you open to play around with pretty much any colour. I think a cobalt blue or a pink would look amazing! Having said that I have gone the other way with this one and worked with the black accents in the dress by wearing a black bolero, black cinch belt and my Collectif Dietrich trench coat for additional coverage. Some might decide to add a hair flower or some pearls to the look to give it a whole other dimension. Whatever you want to do the options are endless and so for me this was a must have item to add to my wardrobe! 

I simply cannot rave about this dress enough and if you can't already tell, it's my favourite of my vintage dresses! This one is available in sizes 6-22 and the even better news, most ladies go down a size or two as the fabric has a lot of extra give. For me I decided to go for this one in a 20 so that I could wear it with and without my petticoats and have plenty of room either way. 

Image Courtesy Of Collectif
Model Is Pictured Wearing This One Without A Petticoat 

If you haven't already; it is definitely worth heading down to Collectif to try out some of their Dolores dresses! The polka dot style comes in black, white, red and navy but there is also a wide selection of other prints to try in this style. If you can't make it down to one of the branches you can of course check out their website www.collectif.co.uk

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Asos Curve XOXO Bodycon Dress Review

One of the things that I find when it comes to clothes is that people tend to have rather strong opinions when it comes to patters and prints; especially as a plus size woman. It seems that we have a whole other set of rules to follow when it comes to dressing our slightly larger frames. We're told that we can't wear certain colours, stripes have to be all heading in a particular direction and certain fabrics are a blatant no go area!

I personally think that as long as the key message going out to people is about keeping up a healthy lifestyle and not overdoing things in either direction, all the other rules can just go out of the window! In the past few months I have been re-educating myself on what looks and feels good against my skin and what items I should be proud to hang in my wardrobe.  

I think anyone, anywhere has had that "should I, shouldn't I?" moment when it comes to picking out clothes to buy. I found myself facing that exact conundrum when I saw the Asos Curve XOXO print dress online. I think for me the thing that drew me to this dress was the shape, style and print. As you know from a previous post I bought the Geo Print Dress which is a much louder patten and style, but ultimately the same shape and material. 

Images Courtesy Of Asos Curve

For me a dress that can carry itself is one that i'll take note of. It's nice to have a dress that doesn't need a lot of accessioning or additional items worn with it. Like every woman out there I have my certain hang ups and for me I like to have the tops of my arms covered. The mid length sleeves for me were a huge draw as well as the length. The minute I saw this dress I knew it was one I could wear out and about for day casual wear or I could dress it up for a night out. 

The material on this dress wouldn't be thick enough to wear on a cool day as it isn't too thick so if you really did want to take this one out on the town during the autumn or even the winter months, you may want to pair it with some thick tights for coverage. As the fabric is a very clingy and stretchy material I found it hung to my frame quite nicely but as I do have a belly I do need shapewear with this one to smooth myself out and give myself that extra confidence boost. After all if you wear a bold print you're bound to be seen!  I picked up this dress in a size 20 but I think the next one I get like this will be in a 22. I bought this one at the same time as the Geo print. I love the fit but I think i'd prefer something a little looser around the stomach area.

If you did want to jazz this dress up a bit I might suggest some shots of colour maybe a coloured shoe (flats or heels, whatever you prefer) maybe some costume jewellery and coloured eye make-up. 

*Sorry About The Camera Quality In This Pic*

This dress is still available at asos and what's more it's on sale! £15 reduced from £30
To see what other amazing items are in the Asos curve range why not check out their site? www.asos.com 

Not only do they have a huge range of accessories and clothes to fit everyone but they have free delivery! 

Monday, 30 September 2013

My Wish List From Evans (Outfit Ideas)

Images courtesy of www.evans.co.uk

My Wish list outfit from Evans. I love these items and they are still available in store. Scarlett&Jo continue to keep pushing out gorgeous items and I think these other Evans accessories compliment this Yoke Tunic perfectly. Once you have the right hair and make up I think this makes for a classy, sexy and elegant ensemble. This is definitely one I have to pick up and soon. Although I will admit I love the Yoke Tunic in red and purple also. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Collectif Dietrich Swing Trench Coat Reviewed

One of the things I always find a challenge when it comes to picking my outfits is not knowing what sort of coat or jacket would compliment my ensemble in the best way. I find jeans and trousers easier to work with but when it comes to wearing a dress on a day that's a little cooler. I often find myself caught short and undecided about the best way to go. The usual problems for me are trying to find something just the right length to pair with a dress, and then there is the problem with trying to have coordinating colours as well.

As a huge lover of vintage clothing and pinup styles I have recently been filling my wardrobe with flared dresses, petticoats and various accessories that fall into that old skool rockabilly style. One of my all time favourite brands when it comes to vintage styles is of course Collectif. I have to admit I am rather lucky to live just a short journey from their Camden branch, situated in the historical Stables Market. I remember first going in there and trying on several pieces, if you love vintage clothing you will honestly feel like a kid in a candy store. I was surrounded by polka dots, cherries, swallows and other vintage related adornments and prints...

As I mentioned in my last review of Collectif most of their clothes range from a size 6-22 so it really is worth looking them up as there tends to be something for pretty much everyone.

I decided to treat myself to the Dietrich Swing Trench Coat for my birthday this year. Unfortunately the coat was sold out in my size and colour in all of the stores and the website! I guess ladies everywhere felt the same way as me when they saw the piece online.

 Stock Photo Courtesy Of Collectif

I first came across this coat when I saw it on the Collectif Facebook page and another fashion blog. It just so happened that when I called the customer service team at Collectif to get some info on sizing for a dress that I had my eye on, that I asked when this coat would be back in stock. To my luck the member of staff at the company who was helping me with my enquiries was the lovely Julia Metz; Company Buyer and Assistant Manager. Julia not only gave me very detailed info on the Dolores Doll Dress (review to come very soon) and Sindy Doll Dress. After talking for a while she called me and told me that she stumbled across the Dietrich Swing Trench Coat in size 22 and that she would hold it for me if I still wanted it. I was so happy! I had been trying to find this item everywhere! And the best part; it was in the colour I wanted, powder blue.

I absolutely love this coat the fabric is light and warm, so this jacket for me is perfect to be worn in the summer and the autumn months. I don't think the material would be heavy enough to take on the cold winters that we have here in the UK but I personally would try it and would wear some heavy tights and Petticoat with my dresses for extra coverage. I love the silky soft feel of the material and the beautiful floral lining. I will be honest, if like me you have a rather big bust then you may want to go up a size as it is rather snug in that area.

This is one that I have worn in warm and cool days and have felt comfortable in it on both occasions. This dress can be worn with wiggle, pencil or swing dresses and of course separates. It's the perfect length and has enough room to sit perfectly around your skirt, giving you coverage and still showing off your great outfit choice. This one also comes with a belt to cinch you in and give you an even more defined shape should you chose to wear it closed. With the outer coat being 98% Cotton 2% Elastane and the lining 97% Polyester 3% Elastane the fit and quality for me is just perfect!

Depending on the look you want to achieve you can really play around with this coat. I have worn it in a more casual style with bodycon dress underneath (as seen in the pictures above) and I paired it with simple black tights and black platform shoes. I have also worn this a lot more dressy and paired it with my Collectif Vintage dresses and flat shoes.

The versatility in the style makes this coat a must have and what's more it's available in black and beige also! This coat is still available in all three colours so if you want to pick up one for yourself you can either get it from a local store or alternatively from the website. www.collectif.co.uk

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Asos Curve Geo Print Dress Review

One of the things that is clear to me is how much we all use the internet. The interesting thing is that many of us still like to do things the old fashion way; the same can be said when it comes to clothes shopping. We like to look, feel, touch and try on the garments that we're considering adding into our wardrobe.
One of the biggest online fashion retailers out there seems to be Asos. I heard of the company through friends and had seen a few posts about their stuff on blogs and various social media outlets, but I hadn't thought to give them a try until I caught a glimpse of the Geo Print Dress.

Now it has to be said that those who know me wouldn't say this is something I would ever wear, and I just have to say in this instance they are so WRONG!
Since I have regained a new appreciation for clothes and fashion I am starting to take more risks in the way that I dress and when I saw this item on sale I just knew I had to buy it whilst it was still available or I may not ever be so daring to wear such a bold print. I just love the geometric pattern in contrasting black and white with vertical and horizontal lines. This is definitely one that would catch your eye if someone walked passed you in it!

Image Courtesy Of Asos Curve

I had seen on a few reviews that this dress was a very snug fit so I decided to call the customer service team at Asos before I made my purchase to get a more detailed account on the sizing. They told me that they had one dress left in a size 20 and no other sizes were available so I thought what the hell i'd better just get it anyway! 
I had been looking for this dress when it was sold out on the site and had tried many outlets to try and get my own. It was to my luck that when I happened to check the site one more had come back in stock. 

Now I'll be honest this dress is a very snug fit as the fabric clings to each and every curve of your frame so for me this is one that I wear with shapewear, not because the fit is uncomfortable but for that bit of added confidence. As I am a girl with a tummy I like to try my best to smooth it out a little when I wear such form fitting garments. I loved the long sleeves on this dress and I like that it doesn't allow for much cleavage as it's a piece that has such a bold print that it would be a shame to detract from the stunning design. This is one that of course can be worn with or without accessories. I decided to go for a black cinch belt and flats shoes when I wore it. I think should I decide to switch it up in future I'll add little bursts of colour such as a pair of coloured high heels, some bangles or a costume jewellery ring and maybe something in my hair. 

This is certainly not a classic bodycon dress but that's the very thing I loved about this piece. 

*Sorry about the poor camera quality in this pic*

For those of you who want to see what else is available in the Asos curve range check out their website: www.asos.com