Saturday, 28 September 2013

Asos Curve Geo Print Dress Review

One of the things that is clear to me is how much we all use the internet. The interesting thing is that many of us still like to do things the old fashion way; the same can be said when it comes to clothes shopping. We like to look, feel, touch and try on the garments that we're considering adding into our wardrobe.
One of the biggest online fashion retailers out there seems to be Asos. I heard of the company through friends and had seen a few posts about their stuff on blogs and various social media outlets, but I hadn't thought to give them a try until I caught a glimpse of the Geo Print Dress.

Now it has to be said that those who know me wouldn't say this is something I would ever wear, and I just have to say in this instance they are so WRONG!
Since I have regained a new appreciation for clothes and fashion I am starting to take more risks in the way that I dress and when I saw this item on sale I just knew I had to buy it whilst it was still available or I may not ever be so daring to wear such a bold print. I just love the geometric pattern in contrasting black and white with vertical and horizontal lines. This is definitely one that would catch your eye if someone walked passed you in it!

Image Courtesy Of Asos Curve

I had seen on a few reviews that this dress was a very snug fit so I decided to call the customer service team at Asos before I made my purchase to get a more detailed account on the sizing. They told me that they had one dress left in a size 20 and no other sizes were available so I thought what the hell i'd better just get it anyway! 
I had been looking for this dress when it was sold out on the site and had tried many outlets to try and get my own. It was to my luck that when I happened to check the site one more had come back in stock. 

Now I'll be honest this dress is a very snug fit as the fabric clings to each and every curve of your frame so for me this is one that I wear with shapewear, not because the fit is uncomfortable but for that bit of added confidence. As I am a girl with a tummy I like to try my best to smooth it out a little when I wear such form fitting garments. I loved the long sleeves on this dress and I like that it doesn't allow for much cleavage as it's a piece that has such a bold print that it would be a shame to detract from the stunning design. This is one that of course can be worn with or without accessories. I decided to go for a black cinch belt and flats shoes when I wore it. I think should I decide to switch it up in future I'll add little bursts of colour such as a pair of coloured high heels, some bangles or a costume jewellery ring and maybe something in my hair. 

This is certainly not a classic bodycon dress but that's the very thing I loved about this piece. 

*Sorry about the poor camera quality in this pic*

For those of you who want to see what else is available in the Asos curve range check out their website:

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