Monday, 23 September 2013

Finding My Style

One thing I think everyone does is experiment with different looks until they find one that they really love. In my case my style seems to evolve whilst still holding many of the same elements. I will always love my boot-cut jeans and flared tunic tops, just as I will always love my huge hoop earrings. I think we all have our signature things that we will always bring into our new style.

I’m one of those girls that loves my glam and I love to play dress up (providing what I select doesn't make me look like a sausage stuffed into a casing that's too small lol). I think the key to looking good isn't necessarily what you’re wearing but how you wear it. For me confidence is key as well as knowing what looks good on your frame.

The one part of you that is always on show is your face, and it’s the first thing a person tends to look at when they meet you. I used to wear very little or no make-up and I guess that was because I couldn't be bothered to experiment with it and see what worked for me. My focus was on my hair and my nails rather than my face.

* An old pic of me totally make-up free!*

It was when I had a short stint as an Avon lady that my knowledge about make-up expanded and I started to see what would work with my skin tones and my look to make small and simple touch ups. I won’t lie I played around with many different types of make-up, and it’s only really now I have found a way of painting my face that works for me. I’m not going to pretend that I know everything as there is so much to know and the list of products out there is endless!

*A recent Selfie of me after freshly applied make up*

The funny thing is that now I tend to wear make-up nearly every day and it’s only when I've overslept or I’m just staying in that I leave the contents of my make-up bag untouched.
I like the fact that so many women out there look stunning all the time and simply don’t need to wear anything other than a touch of moisturiser. For me I guess I feel that little bit more prepared for the world with a painted face and I will be honest I feel that bit more girly too.

Having said all of that I think the best thing to put on your face is a smile. So I guess I’ll keep on smiling and playing around with various different types of face paint lol. I’ll be sure to write about some of the specific products I love and some that worked against me rather than for me and I look forward to hearing about what works for you all too.

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