Friday, 28 February 2014

Fashion World Red Carpet Challenge!

Every woman likes to look her best and when it comes to red carpet looks we take no exception! When Fashion World reached out to me and asked me to take part in a recent blogger challenge I jumped at the chance!

The challenge was to select a dress and shrug that you would like to wear on the red carpet. With a careful selection to chose from I knew I wanted something from the Claire Richards collection! 

As we've had such a long and drab winter my selection was something bright and colourful. 
I absolutely fell in love with the Prom dress in the collection as it has a look that lends itself to the vintage style that I absolutely adore! This dress made me feel so feminine and dainty and the beautiful flowers that accent the garment add that touch of sunshine that we've been missing at the moment. With the Grammys, Brits, Baftas and Several other award shows that have taken place recently I got to thinking about how I would wear this gorgeous number. 

I love the sweetheart neckline of the dress and it hugs in all the right places. A snug fit around the bust and waist and a gentle flare over the hips gives such a comfortable fit. I decided to add pearl bracelets and white hair roses to add to that girly but elegant feel. If I had decided to wear my hair down I would have worn a cluster of hair flowers to add that little something extra.

If I were to wear this dress without the pink cardigan from the Claire Richards collection I may have paired this one with a pink cinch belt and maybe some white heels.

My usual thing to do when it comes to such a colourful number is to wear black heels with a black clutch bag just to add that little touch of sophistication to an otherwise really fun piece.

I find that many women decide to dress in a way that can sometimes be older than their age when it comes to red carpet looks. As I'm still in my mid twenties I wanted to go with something more fun and fresh that would lend itself to the current trend of pastels and flowers.

There are so many gorgeous dresses in the current collection by Claire Richards that you are simply spoilt for choice! 

Doesn't she look fabulous in this one?

Stock image Courtesy Of Fashion World 

I already have my eye on many other dresses. Check out the collection and see for yourself:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What Is It Really Like To Be A Fat Girl?! Cosmopolitan Magazine Asked, I Answered...

Recently there has been a lot of talk about what fat people go through, what we look like and how life might be like as a fat person. Cosmopolitan magazine decided to go and find out for themselves and spoke to 2 plus size women. They had a frank and honest discussion about what fat people go through and asked a series of questions to get the bottom of all the myths and mysteries surrounding us.

Claire (Chattermonkey) thought it would be interesting if the plus size bloggers out there answered them too.

So here goes.......

How do you feel when other women around you complain about feeling/being fat? 
I have mixed feelings about this to be honest. I understand how it can feel to not like the way you look and when people constantly put comments your way, it can make you feel pretty bad about yourself. The thing is I am of the mindset that if it really is that much of an issue then you should try your best to change it if it would make you feel better about yourself. It's a double edged sword as losing weight isn't easy. 

How has your body image changed since high school? College? 
For me quite a lot. I was the only fat one in my class, and one of the only fat people in my everyday life. When you're the different one in the group sometimes things are amplified. As I have gotten older and my priorities have changed so has my outlook on things. 

Have you tried dieting? What happened? 
Who hasn't? In all seriousness yes I have. I have tried soup diets, weight watchers, cutting out everything I enjoy, keeping food diaries you name it I've pretty much tried it. I hated dieting, for me I found it so difficult to stay motivated and to keep on track as usually everyone else around me was eating normally and I was the one having to write down everything that went into my mouth in a journal. I did lose weight but I always hit a point where I would fluctuate between a pound or 2 despite having a large amount of weight still to lose. In all honesty the experience left me with the understanding that a total change of the mindset is required in order to make such a change to my appearance and lifestyle. 

Do you think in your case your weight is partly or entirely genetic? 
I couldn't accurately answer that question. I only grew up having known one side of my family and this side is full of slim and trim people, but I am of the understanding that some of the women on the other side of my family are larger in size. My mother did tell me when I was old enough to grasp the concept of things that I had had a difficult birth as my umbilical chord had been broken for a length of time before I got here. She said that the doctors had told her I may or may not have a weight issue, apparently I could have gone the other way and been under weight. I don't think this is the reason in all honesty as I have had issues with food over the years but I found the theory an interesting one. 

Do you consider yourself healthy? Have there been instances where people assumed you were unhealthy? 
To a degree but my health could be better! I won't lie if I have to run for a decent amount of time I do get short of breath but having said that my weight has never slowed me down I can and do walk for hours and not get tired. I have always been pretty active but I do think I could take some steps to improve my fitness. 

People often assume that you are extremely unhealthy and often get shocked when they see you stretch or do something flexible lol 

Are your parents both supportive of you at the weight you're at? Have they always been? 
I think it can be hard for a parent if they see their child being bullied or ridiculed because of their size. In my case I am the only large person in my family so no one could relate and provide the support that maybe someone like myself could provide. If you have been through it, been called the names, had the sterotypes pushed at you etc. then you are able to really guide someone who's been through the downside to being fat. 
My family always tried to be there for me when I needed them to be and always tried to encourage me to do what makes me happy which for many years was trying to lose weight. 

Now that I am at the point where I know one day I will go down a size or 2 but I am happy and confident, they are pleased to see me really making the most of how I look now. I will have to lose some weight for health reasons one day but at the moment all is well from my family.

How do you think retailers can improve clothes for plus-size people? 
Plus size brands really have come on in leaps and bounds! I remember having to wear clothes that people 20+ years older than me would wear when I was a teenager. All my friends could look trendy and sexy and wear what the in styles were and I had to pick up whatever I could squeeze myself into and try and make it work for me! 
There are so many companies now that cater to us bigger women and they are taking the risks that society would tell them not to take. If you were to leaf through my wardrobe you would find bold and brashy prints, stripes in all directions, a collection of colours, figure hugging dresses, 50s vintage styles and everything else in between. I used to HATE buying clothes and shopping, the experience was always a miserable and traumatic one that had me searching for things in a catalogue rather than hit the high street just so I could avoid the discomfort of being in those awful changing rooms with the lights that make you look like a bumpy cauliflower lol. OK I'm being dramatic there but seriously those lights flatter no one! 

Do you think plus-size women are judged differently than plus-sized men are? How? 
I hate to say it but yes I do sometimes. I think that plus size men have an awful time of it to be honest, I mean they have a much smaller selection of clothes stores to cater to them for one thing which I assume can't be much fun. 

I think they assume that plus size men are all couch potatoes who don't do much else but eat! People really need to get a clue and look beyond the stereotypes sometimes. I would like to hear a larger man answer this question actually, it's got me curious to hear what he might say...

Do you think there’s an assumption made/stereotype that exists about plus-size people? How would you respond to it? 
One thing that I think comes across a lot is that people think that we bigger people are all dateless, sex starved individuals who are so desperate that we'll take the first thing to come along lol. This is so not the case! I can only speak as a plus size woman and I find that people think that we all read those god awful tabloid magazines and follow every fad diet out there to try and look like our smaller counterparts and what ever celebrity is flavour of the month.

I would welcome someone of that mind set to spend one afternoon with myself and some of my friends and get a serious education on what "really" is the case there.

Do you think there’s ever a right way or time to express concern about someone’s weight? 
That is the million dollar question. It's a tough one because how can you say it without either offending someone or pissing them off? Being fat for very few people is a choice and many have struggled for a very long time to lose the weight. I believe that no matter what you tell someone until they decide "enough is enough I want to lose the weight" you just need to support them in whatever their situation may be. I think if they are seriously ill and it is causing an immense problem then of course you may be tempted to say something. The thing is when I was a smoker that was seriously bad for my health, I developed a smokers cough, was spending too much money etc etc. the only thing is it wasn't until I had decided that I wanted to quit that I was able to kick the habit for good! I believe the same can be said for weight loss, leave it up to the individual and be there to support them either way. 

What are the worst things people have said to you about your body? 
In all honesty nothing that I wasn't able to brush off. Usually I would get a you're so fat joke of some kind or be compared to something spherical. The funny thing is people think they're being original and you've always heard the comment from someone else before hand.

How did you respond? 
I often laugh along with the joke which usually throws people off as they expect you to cower off in the corner and cry or something lol.
At the end of the day I am fat, I know what shape I am and what dress size I wear. Do people really think they're telling me something I don't know?

What have people said (or do you wish they’d say) that would compliment your body or appearance?
A lot of people have said to me that even though I'm fat I have shape, which I kind of take as a back handed compliment, of course I have a shape no one is shapeless.... 
I often get told I dress well and know what suits my frame. 
The worse thing is when people say something like you look good for a fat girl or you'd be so much prettier if you lost weight lol. 

Are they trying to say that fat people don't and can't look good? Perhaps I should introduce them to some of the ladies I know if that is the case! 

Do you find yourself hanging out with women who are closer to your size?
Only recently. I am used to being the only fat women in the group. It's only since I became a blogger and entered the plus size community that I have made friends with women who look like me. I had 2 fat friends when I was growing up but they both lost weight in their teens. 

How has your weight affected your sex life, if at all? 
I have never had a problem getting a boyfriend. In fact I was the first out of the girls in my group to start dating lol. Every guy I have ever dated has been different to the last one. 

When you've been single, has your weight affected your dating life?
Not at all. I have always had offers and have always been picky when it comes to men. I'm lucky enough to be in a fantastic relationship with an amazing man and my weight has never been an issue at any point or a topic of discussion for that matter. 

Do you feel weird if the guy you’re with only dates larger women? 
Not at all. I know some men that like bigger women just because it's their preference. I have stumbled across a few men (on social media) who have this weird fetish about big women and have some strange preconceived ideas about how it might be to either date or sleep with a big women but I have never met one. 

Do you feel weird if he's only dated slimmer women before you?
No not really. Any confidence issues that may have come up in the past have been because of things in my head and previous experiences resurfacing. Never has it been an issue. 

Check out what claire had to say and some of the other bloggers out there!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Acrylic Is In! A Different Kind Of Accessory!

Some of us like them and some of us love them but for me accessories are that little something extra that brings an outfit together. I have a collection of bits and pieces from bracelets, necklaces, pins, broaches etc. I can't get enough of them and my collection is expanding rapidly!

When I first heard about the brand Black Heart Creatives it was at last year's Plus London event. The independent company specialise in a new kind of accessory. Everything they make is made from acrylic! They have a selection of fun and funky pieces (check out their site, some of the items are pretty edgy). Everything on the site is available in a series of colours and finished and I already know which ones I want to pick up next!

Rockabilly and Vintage styles are a huge favourite of mine and because of this I decided to opt for a custom necklace with the chosen phrase, Vintage Princess!

I picked up my necklace in the Red Mirrored option. And as you can see the small details give it that extra something. I just adore the little love heart that hangs on the clasp and I can't wait to get my next piece. If you like Acrylic jewlerry and want to try something new why not check out their site:

Choose from their selection or customise your own piece!

The OneOneThree Fashion Show

One of the things that we all have in common is the desire to look good and have a choice of styles to pick from. We see glamorous pictures of catwalk shows during fashion week and these give us those much needed sneak previews of what we can expect to see in our stores in the new season.

I first heard about the OneOneThree brand through social media and I was really impressed with what I saw when I took a look at their website. Many plus size brands like to play it safe and provide styles that will look nice in a casual and understated manner. What I love about this brand is that they aim to be fun, fresh, bold and edgy and they are carving out a look that really is all theirs! In all honesty what I love the most about their clothes is that they break all of the pre-dated rules for us "bigger women"! In the collection you will see wet look pieces, interesting patterns, tight and form fitting cuts, mixed fabrics and so much more! If you want sex appeal with something different you'll love what they have to offer.

When I was invited to the OneOneThree fashion show recently I jumped at the chance. To get a first glance at the new and edgy range, and to be in the audience with some of my friends was not an opportunity I was going to miss out on. Throughout the show myself and many of the other bloggers were filling each other in on which pieces we hope to pick up. I saw some really cool bits that I loved and I really hope that the collection does well when it goes on sale.

Me, Michaela and Sally

Sally, Mookie And Me

Debz, Sam, Michaela and Me

Mookie, Sam And Me

Thanks Mookie for the pics of us at the event and out after for drinks.

As the ladies took to the runway what we saw was some seriously hot pieces, tartan, stained glass prints, sparkle and faux leather was in full force and the models looked amazing! With casual and more chic looks there really is a lot to choose from. Check out some of these pictures:

As you can see where I was positioned the light was super bright and some of the prints aren't as clear as I would like but I hope you can still see how hot these pieces look! 

All in all the show was a great success and everyone left having felt that it easily could have gone on for longer and we could have spent even more time admiring the great works of OneOneThree. There are so many fantastic things going on in the plus size industry at the moment and if you would like to see more of what OneOneThree have to offer why not check out their website: 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Shame In Body Shaming

In recent weeks one of the hot topics of discussion has been body image and body shaming. I personally have a pretty big opinion on the subject as I grew up as the fat girl in the group, the fat one in my family and in general as the token "fat" girl. The label is one that it took me years to get used to despite always being larger in size. Now I'm not one of those people who by any means feels sorry for themselves. I understand that my size is due to various things and that I have issues with food, however I find it extremely offensive when people who have never had a weight problem feel it's their right to pass judgement and insults on those of us who have. I have this same opinion when it comes to people constantly saying derogatory comments towards skinny people too.

I don't know if the issue seems to be heightened by the media at the moment or perhaps I'm just noticing a few things more often, but lately all I seem to read about in my Twitter feed, Facebook news feed and on other social media channels is constant ramblings aimed to make us feel bad about ourselves! Before anyone gets the wrong idea of where i'm going with this no I am not here to promote obesity and I am not here to say anything ignorant or cruel towards my smaller counterparts. I am just rather confused about where we are all headed at the moment. We are constantly plied with mixed messages of what sexy, healthy and beautiful actually is and somewhere amongst all this discussion the topic of health and fitness has gone out of the window, leaving the focus on our image instead.

In a society where we aim to embrace people of different cultures, religions, sexual orientations and many other things I find myself rather confused. Why is it that we have stopped short when it comes to how people look? We do our best to make people feel comfortable and accepted within their minorities, even to a point where we have rules and regulations set to protect them from abuse and other harsh treatments from people. I guess what irks me the most is that lately people are portrayed to each other in a way that I feel resembles that of a freak show! We have television programmes aimed at showcasing people struggling with anorexia, bulimia and various other eating disorders. More often than not these shows are out there to provide the "shock treatment" of bringing us in line. I won't lie I haven't watched all of them but those I have seen often fail to touch on the deeper issues behind the situation. Why is it that when we focus on our body image our main focus tends to be on an aesthetic and cosmetic level? How we look is only one factor of ourselves and I personally think that no matter what your size or shape you should be made to feel comfortable in your own skin so that should you choose to stay as you are or to work on your situation, you can do it with pride and in a safe manner.

Slogans like this anger me to no end, especially as a fat vegetarian! 

A few months ago there was a despicable thing called 'Fat Shaming Week'. What came of it were countless short sighted and nasty tweets and images flooding the internet. I read comments like 'if you can't be carried over the threshold you don't deserve to be married!' What a disgusting thing for someone to say! And that was one of the more tame statements.... I really feel like people need to learn that if you can't say anything positive or productive sometimes it's best to keep it shut! Not all bigger people are your typical happy go lucky bubbly types who are able to laugh at themselves. I happen to know of a few people who have had to suffer serious emotional and psychological damage due to some of the things people have said and done to them in relation to their image and it's just not fair! This is the point I am making, not all people are fat simply because they like to eat too much, many use food as a comfort or as a substance for escapism just as drug addicts and alcoholics do.

What confuses me to no end is how many people have put a series of rules forward for us bigger people to abide by:

- Don't wear stripes
- Don't wear pattens
- Don't wear anything fitting
- Black is a must as it's slimming

I could go on and on and on with the countless amounts of ideals we are meant to follow and 99% of the time the main focus is on image! I really believe that how we feel should come before how we look. In my experience when a person feels good about themselves they generally take more positive steps to take better care of themselves. This tends to be because they have a sense of self worth, a higher esteem and generally take more pride in themselves.

Companies like Victoria Secret and Dove each have their own view on what beauty is. Take a look at these 2 different add campaigns:

I would argue that both groups of women are "real" women and I hate that a large amount of body shaming and snarky remarks come from women. All women face many of the same struggles and we should all aim to be a champion for each other and not the people aiming to tear each other down!

We speak a lot today about airbrushing and the modification of celebrity images, but we are now having to witness companies trying to sell scales with the main objective; us to reach the size of a particular celebrity. When this was spoken about a few weeks ago on social media people were outraged by the idea. Superdrug, the company behind the idea had to witness a heavy backlash from customers and some of the celebrities they had chosen to use. For one thing how would they know how much Beyonce weighs and why would they want to entertain such an idea? The amount of girls who self harm themselves every day through various eating disorders because they are working to look like their favourite superstar is immense and I would suggest that this was a rather silly idea on their behalf. Cheryl Cole who was one of the selected women wrote this tweet to the company:

And Superdrug responded to the customers and celebs concerned with this statement:

I think it's important for us all to take some perspective here. We all face different challenges in our day to day lives and we don't need to be comparing ourselves to others all the time. I would suggest that we all aim to be the best we can be within ourselves and do what we can to be more self confident. I can admit that I would like to lose some weight in the future and take more focus on my health. I personally know that whilst I may not be exactly where I want to be I am happy enough within myself for the time being to be able to get on with my life, head held high and a smile on my face.

In all honesty I can say that I feel so much better about myself since I stopped focusing on crash diets, and beating myself up about how I look. I would urge everyone out there no matter what their shape or size to make the most of what they have and to try and enjoy it. After all the one person you will forever be stuck with is yourself so you may as well learn to get on with it as best you can.

Hopefully we become more tolerant of each other and won't feel the need to push our own opinions and ideals on others in the future. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

My Pink Clove Summer Wish List

What with the cold and rainy winter slowly dragging on I decided to take my mind off things and look forward to the warm days of the spring and summer. With holidays on the horizon, barbecues, long walks and all the other things we do in the sunshine I have already begun looking online at the looks and styles I might want to wear. The fantastic new range at Pink Clove really caught my eye with the sweet and colourful items in the collection. Here are my top picks from the range and hopefully I'll be able to grab a few of these items in time for the season!

Floral Skater Dress £18

Printed Wrap Maxi Dress £35

Stripe Cut About Longline Tee £18

Pencil Skirt With Floral Print Panel £14

Pink Lace Dress £30

All Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove

I love the soft pinks, striking patterns and great colour combinations. Cool pastels and the classic floral look are in the collection. I have no doubt that some or all of these will end up in my wardrobe at some point!

Check out the website to see what other treats are available:

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rockabilly Meets Rock Chick

Recently I have been trying to switch things up in my wardrobe. One of the things that I hate the most about the winter months is the fact that most of the warm and comfortable clothes out there end up being dark, lifeless and to be honest quite boring!

I wanted to find a way to put my usual 1950s flair into a more modern day casual look. Unable to wear my circle skirts and swing dresses due to the piercing cold temperatures and dreary wet days I opted for a mix of rock chick chic and classic rockabilly.

I decided to pull together my look with my classic White Dolores Top from Collectif, Wine Studded Cardigan from Excite Clothing and Black Rouched leggings from Yours Clothing. To add that extra touch of vintage chic I selected my red polka dot scarf from Collectif. I had been waiting for a moment to wear it and I liked the way it accented the outfit. I wore my black cinch belt from Primark with gold clasp to compliment the studded shoulders of the cardigan and gold hoop earrings. Black platform heels finished off the look. 

Outfit Pieces:

White Dolores Top £25
Stock Image Courtesy Of Collectif

Wine Colour Studded Cardigan £16.99
Also available in black, grey and purple
Stock Image Courtesy Of Excite Clothing

Black Rouched Leggings £10
Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing

When it comes to these individual items the thing I love about all of them is that they have become staple pieces in my wardrobe. Each item has a versatility that makes it accessible to a variety of styles. Take the Dolores Top for example. This is one that could be paired with jeans, pedal pushers, shorts and a variety of different skirt styles. The cut and shape is vintage but it lends itself to several modern looks. I picked this up in a size 20, as this is the top half of the Dolores Doll dresses that I love so much so I knew the size would be just right but if I wanted something a little less tailored I would have got this one in a 22. 

What I loved about the Studded Cardigan the most was the length and the shoulders. I love the fact that I can wear a warm, comfortable and stylish cardigan with interesting adornments that again can be dressed either up or down. I have also worn this one with a simple cami and black leggings. The Cardigan was a size 20/22. I wanted there to be room, but for this one to have a more snug fit so that I could wear it with the kind of tops showcased in this post. 

All of these items are still available from the relevant sites and you can switch them up in pretty much any way. If I wanted to take the vintage style to the next level I would style my hair in the rockabilly fashion either putting a quiff or victory rolls in my bangs, wearing cherry or pearl accessories and patent shoes. If I decided to veer more towards the rock chick look then I would most likely wear a studded clutch or handbag, heavy smokey make up and black acrylic jewellery. 

If any of you pick up any of these items I'd love to see how you put your outfits together! 

To pick up any of these pieces check out these sites:

PR/Sponser and Advertise

When it comes to your image the most important things you can wear are confidence and a smile!
For many years I have battled with body my body image and self confidence and after a lot of back and forth I have finally decided to be as confident and happy as I can be at any given time. I'm here to share in my experiences and if possible, offer my advise where I can. 

I decided to start my blog after many years struggling to find clothes and styles that made me look and feel fun, confident and sexy. I believe that anyone, no matter what their shape, size or age should be able to look and feel good. My motto when it comes to fashion is:  'if it makes you feel good then wear it!'. Many women struggle with their choices in fashion and have trouble when buying a variety of clothes and products. I feel that I have a duty of care to my female counterparts to share in the information I have gathered in the hopes that they too can enjoy their look and have fun with it too. 

I am a PR/Sponsor Friendly blogger
I would be happy to try out your items and showcase them in a detailed review for my readers. If you feel that there would be any interesting opportunities or offers that my readers may enjoy I would be happy to discuss sharing the information on my blog.

All reviews get promoted on the various social media channels I use which can be located under my blog header. I would also be happy to include your social media and website information on each blog and social media post made.

The products I would be happy to consider for review are:
Plus Size Clothing
Hair Extensions
Beauty Products and Cosmetics

If you would like to talk to me about anything at all please do contact me. I would be happy to give any fashion and beauty tips and tricks where I can.
I would of course would be open to discussing guest posts, advertising, promotional opportunities and much more.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Step Into The Spring With Taking Shape

After such a cold and wet winter I for one am happy to be looking forward to spring and summer. We all enjoy picking up bright and fun clothes to wear in the warmer months and the new range from Taking Shape is set to be a really fun and fresh one.

I was given the chance to flip through their look book which features some of the new items that will be making an appearance in their stores and online. The thing that I love about the brand is that they have clothes to suit all shapes in the plus size area and all age groups. This year we are set to see a variety of interesting patterns, prints, and designs and what's more, there will also be a selection of statement jewellery available to accompany your chosen garments. 

I personally hate that we often feel that we have to wear clothes that we have been told best work for us. I say 'why not wear the clothes that make you feel good and put that extra spring in your step?'. Any of you who know my taste in clothing will not be surprised to see me opt for colours and styles that I find interesting and I would encourage you to do the same. If you have a holiday around the corner or you decide to enjoy some of the events and festivals that are set to take place at home, you may want to pick up something from Taking Shape.

Check out some of these sneak peaks:

Bronte Dress £55

Dalmation Dress £55

Hi Lo Top £29, T30518 Cut Out Tunic £25 T60267 Gecko Pant £39

All Stock Images Courtesy Of Taking Shape

With a range of clothes size 14-26 there's a lot to chose from and I can personally say from what I have seen the collection is full of fun and interesting pieces. Block colours which can be matched with other pieces in your wardrobe will be coming as well as some gorgeous dresses in several cuts.

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on the website. Here you can see the collection available with photos, video clips, style tips and a whole lot more!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Butterfly Effect - A Pink Clove Review

When it comes to dress shopping we all have different things that we look for. In my case I tend to buy for different occasions or events. It's no secret that I love 50s swing dresses but I have also grown to love bodycon dresses, and when I saw the Butterfly Print Dress With Contrast Panels from Pink Clove I instantly knew I had to buy it!

A personal challenge of mine from last year was to experiment more with colours and bold prints and the fact that this one has both beautiful bright colours and a bold print made it a must have for me. As soon as I saw the photos on the website I thought about taking this one out on the town for a hot club night.

The kaleidoscopic pattern of pink, purple and silver colouring is so interesting and makes for a really fun and fresh panel on a simple black dress. The material is very figure hugging and clings to all your curves. 96% polyester and 4% elastane there is a fair amount of stretch in this one but in my case I know it would look just that little bit better on if I wore a slip or shapewear underneath. In these pictures I am wearing a pair of high wasted Bridget Jones knickers underneath. Depending on the fit you want to achieve you may wish to go up a size if you prefer your dresses to just skim you rather than to cling. I picked this up in a size 22.

Even though the dress is what I would call loud you can dress it down if you want to. I decided to pair this one with a simple black cardigan, think black leggings and my black platform heels to give it more of a casual look.

When first got the dress in the post I did an initial try on without any shapewear and I liked the overall look

I look forward to sporting this one in a club soon and I'll most likely wear it with black tights, heels and plenty of silver accessories! You could even take it to another level by wearing acrylic jewellery in pinks and purples and wearing some patent colour shoes or something if you really want to be bold. The bright print means that this is one that could be worn pretty much any time of the year and with spring and summer around the corner I'm sure I'll be taking it out in the sunshine.

Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove

If you like this dress be sure to give it a try as it's currently in the amazing sale by Pink Clove and at the fantastic price of just £8 reduced from £18!