Saturday, 22 February 2014

The OneOneThree Fashion Show

One of the things that we all have in common is the desire to look good and have a choice of styles to pick from. We see glamorous pictures of catwalk shows during fashion week and these give us those much needed sneak previews of what we can expect to see in our stores in the new season.

I first heard about the OneOneThree brand through social media and I was really impressed with what I saw when I took a look at their website. Many plus size brands like to play it safe and provide styles that will look nice in a casual and understated manner. What I love about this brand is that they aim to be fun, fresh, bold and edgy and they are carving out a look that really is all theirs! In all honesty what I love the most about their clothes is that they break all of the pre-dated rules for us "bigger women"! In the collection you will see wet look pieces, interesting patterns, tight and form fitting cuts, mixed fabrics and so much more! If you want sex appeal with something different you'll love what they have to offer.

When I was invited to the OneOneThree fashion show recently I jumped at the chance. To get a first glance at the new and edgy range, and to be in the audience with some of my friends was not an opportunity I was going to miss out on. Throughout the show myself and many of the other bloggers were filling each other in on which pieces we hope to pick up. I saw some really cool bits that I loved and I really hope that the collection does well when it goes on sale.

Me, Michaela and Sally

Sally, Mookie And Me

Debz, Sam, Michaela and Me

Mookie, Sam And Me

Thanks Mookie for the pics of us at the event and out after for drinks.

As the ladies took to the runway what we saw was some seriously hot pieces, tartan, stained glass prints, sparkle and faux leather was in full force and the models looked amazing! With casual and more chic looks there really is a lot to choose from. Check out some of these pictures:

As you can see where I was positioned the light was super bright and some of the prints aren't as clear as I would like but I hope you can still see how hot these pieces look! 

All in all the show was a great success and everyone left having felt that it easily could have gone on for longer and we could have spent even more time admiring the great works of OneOneThree. There are so many fantastic things going on in the plus size industry at the moment and if you would like to see more of what OneOneThree have to offer why not check out their website: 



  1. Great post hun :) Love the pics of us xx

  2. It looked like an amazing night! I love the tartan stuf they do and can't wait to get some of these pieces.

    1. I really love the tartan stuff too, they have some seriously hot stuff in the collection it's definitely worth checking it out!

      It was a really fun night too, always nice to spend time with the girls x