Sunday, 2 February 2014

In Full Bloom, A Review Of The Bloom Tunic From Taking Shape

When I first came across the company Taking Shape it was their interesting smart and sophisticated style that set them apart from some of the other plus size brands. The focus of the company is to give their customers a variety of different looks that can be worn for pretty much any event or occasion.

When I was offered the chance to review a couple of the items in their collection, the Bloom Tunic was one of the items that really caught my eye. I knew that I would be able to wear this one to work, out and about and that it had the versatility to be dressed up or down. Available in teal and red I found both colour ways to be rich and warm, perfect for this time of year and the floral accents were just right during this period of transition between winter and spring.

The sleeveless tunic is such a sweet and comfortable item. I love the way that it flows right the way down to the knees with an asymmetrical cut. What I liked most about this piece is that I found it to be the kind of top that can worn during pretty much any season. It feels so comfortable on and is a mix of polyester and elastane. Coated in sheer flowers what is a simple design has a little edge to it. 

One of the things that a lot of us bigger women like to do is cover up the tops of our arms. I hate to say it but I too fit in to this category so I paired this with a black sheer shirt with 3 quarter length sleeves that has been in my wardrobe for a few years now. Taking Shape themselves have styled this one with a long sleeve t-shirt on their website to showcase another adaptation to the piece. I teamed this one up with simple black leggings, black heels and very simple jewellery with just earnings. I have worn this piece to work and I took it down a level with black ugg style shoes, black long sleeved t-shirt and simple black winter coat. If you wanted to add a little something extra to this one you could wear heavy bangles, and accessories to match the colouring. 

I got this one in a size 20 which fits perfectly with plenty of room. Taking Shape are more than generous with their sizing so depending on the look and fit you want to achieve you may wish to go down a size.

Stock Images Courtesy Of Taking Shape

This gorgeous piece is currently on sale reduced from £40 to £19! If you want to see what other pieces are on offer at great prices check out the website.

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