Sunday, 29 September 2013

Collectif Dietrich Swing Trench Coat Reviewed

One of the things I always find a challenge when it comes to picking my outfits is not knowing what sort of coat or jacket would compliment my ensemble in the best way. I find jeans and trousers easier to work with but when it comes to wearing a dress on a day that's a little cooler. I often find myself caught short and undecided about the best way to go. The usual problems for me are trying to find something just the right length to pair with a dress, and then there is the problem with trying to have coordinating colours as well.

As a huge lover of vintage clothing and pinup styles I have recently been filling my wardrobe with flared dresses, petticoats and various accessories that fall into that old skool rockabilly style. One of my all time favourite brands when it comes to vintage styles is of course Collectif. I have to admit I am rather lucky to live just a short journey from their Camden branch, situated in the historical Stables Market. I remember first going in there and trying on several pieces, if you love vintage clothing you will honestly feel like a kid in a candy store. I was surrounded by polka dots, cherries, swallows and other vintage related adornments and prints...

As I mentioned in my last review of Collectif most of their clothes range from a size 6-22 so it really is worth looking them up as there tends to be something for pretty much everyone.

I decided to treat myself to the Dietrich Swing Trench Coat for my birthday this year. Unfortunately the coat was sold out in my size and colour in all of the stores and the website! I guess ladies everywhere felt the same way as me when they saw the piece online.

 Stock Photo Courtesy Of Collectif

I first came across this coat when I saw it on the Collectif Facebook page and another fashion blog. It just so happened that when I called the customer service team at Collectif to get some info on sizing for a dress that I had my eye on, that I asked when this coat would be back in stock. To my luck the member of staff at the company who was helping me with my enquiries was the lovely Julia Metz; Company Buyer and Assistant Manager. Julia not only gave me very detailed info on the Dolores Doll Dress (review to come very soon) and Sindy Doll Dress. After talking for a while she called me and told me that she stumbled across the Dietrich Swing Trench Coat in size 22 and that she would hold it for me if I still wanted it. I was so happy! I had been trying to find this item everywhere! And the best part; it was in the colour I wanted, powder blue.

I absolutely love this coat the fabric is light and warm, so this jacket for me is perfect to be worn in the summer and the autumn months. I don't think the material would be heavy enough to take on the cold winters that we have here in the UK but I personally would try it and would wear some heavy tights and Petticoat with my dresses for extra coverage. I love the silky soft feel of the material and the beautiful floral lining. I will be honest, if like me you have a rather big bust then you may want to go up a size as it is rather snug in that area.

This is one that I have worn in warm and cool days and have felt comfortable in it on both occasions. This dress can be worn with wiggle, pencil or swing dresses and of course separates. It's the perfect length and has enough room to sit perfectly around your skirt, giving you coverage and still showing off your great outfit choice. This one also comes with a belt to cinch you in and give you an even more defined shape should you chose to wear it closed. With the outer coat being 98% Cotton 2% Elastane and the lining 97% Polyester 3% Elastane the fit and quality for me is just perfect!

Depending on the look you want to achieve you can really play around with this coat. I have worn it in a more casual style with bodycon dress underneath (as seen in the pictures above) and I paired it with simple black tights and black platform shoes. I have also worn this a lot more dressy and paired it with my Collectif Vintage dresses and flat shoes.

The versatility in the style makes this coat a must have and what's more it's available in black and beige also! This coat is still available in all three colours so if you want to pick up one for yourself you can either get it from a local store or alternatively from the website.


  1. Looking great, so please I managed to track you one down :-) Julia x

  2. The coat is lovely on you! I've been thinking about purchasing the coat myself, but I'm worried about the bust room... My overbust measurement is 53 inches and my waist is 42 where I think the waist of the coat would hit. Could you give me any advice, is there anyway the coat would fit me? You look a bit slimmer than me, so I'm not very hopeful... :/

  3. Thanks for all your help Julia x

    @Bra Nightmares thanks for the compliment hun that's really sweet of you. To give you a bit more of an idea I tend to wear a dress size 20/22 I have a 46 bust measurement, 38 waist and 50 hips. For me this dress fits really comfortably with a lots of room within the coat. It is quite snug though I often just wear it open to be honest. For me I wanted it that badly I was gonna buy it regardless. When doing up the top button that's when I feel the taught fit across the bust but I think it looks ok all the same. The pictures of me with the coat done up were taken a few days ago and I do think I may have put on a couple of pounds since the final pic was taken a couple of months back and it still feels comfortable.

    The good news is Collectif have a great returns policy so if you did buy it and it just didn't work out for you there is always the option to refund or exchange for something else. If I come across something similar that is made in an even wider range of sizes i'll be sure to make a post and let everyone know. I really hope if you do get it that it works out because I honestly love this coat and it has become my favourite in my wardrobe. I'm sure anyone else who picks it up would feel the same too x