Monday, 7 April 2014

Magnificent 7th Challenge - Something You Never Wear.

The 7th day in every month is a day that the bloggers are challenged to follow a theme and come up with a creative idea around the theme. This month the theme is: Something You Never Wear.

We all have those items of clothes in our wardrobe that we love but never wear! In my case it's my metallic silver bomber jacket from Simply Be. Despite having this jacket in my wardrobe for years I can't bring myself to part with it, even though the fabric in the shoulders has started to wear. I just love the look of this jacket and it's a piece I used to have a lot of fun with back in the day. For me this item of clothing is significant because when I wore this I was still in a place where I thought plus size women had to wear mostly black, avoid stripes and follow the endless set of rules dictated to us by people who write the fashion magazines. 

This was a really bold piece for me and trust me, it's not one you can wear and go unnoticed! The super bright silver fabric would always get attention from people but despite some of the looks I would get (mostly good but as you can imagine there was the odd dirty one) I didn't care about any of that and continued to venture out in this one anyway.

These pictures were taken when I was 21 and I did a photoshoot to mark the milestone. 

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  1. wow love it you defo should wear that jacket more you rock it well xx

  2. Love it! Definately get it out of the wardrobe and shown off x

    1. Thanks honey I might do that this spring x