Sunday, 22 February 2015

Get Boosted! A Curvy Kate Review

All Stock Photos Courtesy Of Curvy Kate

One of the hardest things for a women with my proportions is to find a bra that works for me. I have to say it is a constant struggle. The common scenario is that if the back fits perfectly there is too much room in the cups and if the cups are perfect then the under wire is too high or something of that nature. 

I'm one of those people who likes familiarity, especially when it comes to buying underwear. Admittedly I've never been one of those women who owns tons of gorgeous lingerie or even enjoys buying it because of this sad fact. A few years ago I discovered Curvy Kate. I was at the Plus London event and they were there doing fittings for anyone who wanted one. I had heard about them through social media and blogs but I was reluctant to give them a try because of having years of bad luck when it comes to buying bras. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never find a bra that would fit me well. I used to buy bras that housed my breasts and felt semi-comfortable, that was until a couple of years ago...

I will be 100% honest here the size of bra that I buy with the brand is a 40J but this can change depending on the cut, fabric and shape of the bra. In a couple of the ranges I have had to downsize to a 38K but either way I have felt the same level of comfort and support. Not long ago I tried out the amazing Jet Set Bikini top from Curvy Kate and I loved it! The support I had was amazing, my breasts looked amazing and I found myself wishing that all my bras looked and felt that way. I decided to email them and make some enquiries. I was extremely happy and surprised to learn that this Bikini top was modelled against the famous Daily Boost bra! I immediately set out to get my hands on one! The simplicity to the design is actually a big draw for me as the bra works with pretty much all of the clothes that I own. 

Available in back sizes 28-40 in cup sizes D-K with 4 colour options; black, mocha, nude and white so there is a shade to suit everyone. 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane the cups are a soft moulded fabric that is really soft against the skin whilst strong enough to maintain a great shape, excellent support and super sexy cleavage! I own this in a 40J and I am in need of more, this bra has most definitely become a staple in my underwear drawer and one I cannot recommend enough. 

In even better news I was recently asked to go to the Curvy Kate offices to help them with a fitting for a 40J bust. The bra I tried and tested was a new style Daily Boost set to hit stores very soon! The design is a little more enhanced with a really soft and silky fabric. All of the amazing features that have become synonymous with the Daily Boost are still there with some new additions and a slightly sexier style so keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

If like me you have had problems with finding good and supportive bras in the past, give this one a try. I promise, you will be pleasantly surprised! Get lifted, get boosted, you won't be disappointed. 

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


  1. Great post! I keep meaning to try a curvy kate bra, as ive heard good things.

    1. Thanks hun, you should they're amazing and they have some really cute babydolls and swim sets too xx

  2. I only have one curvy Kate bra and I absolutely love it!!! It was also my first time getting measured and I'm so glad I did. X

    1. I absolutely love the brand! Elomi and Curvy Kate have fast become my go-to brands x