Saturday, 11 April 2015

Nadia Aboulhosn Boohoo Capsule Collection Reviewed!

*This Dress Is A Gifted Item

It's a great time to be a plus size woman who loves fashion and beauty. We are seeing so many different things being created with us in mind and we are now able to wear clothing of pretty much any style. Growing up in London as a big girl was always awkward. The only options we had for stylish trends was through expensive catalogues and what was on the high street really didn't leave much to be desired. Now with the internet we can pick up amazing items at bargain prices from pretty much anywhere in the world! With the rise in options, girls like myself have really embraced the choices that we have and many of us have started blogging. What gave me the idea to crate a blog was the fact that I was constantly being asked by people where I was picking up my clothes. I figured I could put it out there on the blog in an effort to help women of similar size and get to know a few people in the process. 

As a blogger you get to see a lot of familiar faces not only through the social media channels but at events and functions. One blogger in particular who has made quite a name for herself and has earned reams of followers is none other than Nadia Aboulhosn. The New York city blogger has not only wowed women everywhere with her sense of style, her lifestyle posts have also generated a lot of interest. One of the most referenced fashion brands Boohoo recently teamed up with Nadia to create a fresh and funky capsule collection of clothes. With items ranging from sizes 16-24 and a variety of sexy styles that encapsulate Nadia's personality, it's no wonder everyone's raving about the collection!

When I first saw the range I was really impressed with how edgy it was. Often brands shy away from funky, sexy and sassy items for us plus size women. Admittedly there is a lot of items that I love but don't think I could pull off due to my proportions but I know they will look hot on many of you. Here I am pictured wearing the embossed sleeve dress, size 24. When I first tried this on I really liked the fabric; 95% polyester and 5% elastane this dress is really smooth on the skin, soft to the touch and has a really nice amount of stretch. As I have really large breasts and a big behind this dress hitches up a little on me and so I felt it was too short to wear on it's own. 

I decided to create a sports luxe sort of look by pairing the dress with my black and white gingham leggings. Despite always hearing that white makes you look bigger and should be avoided as a big girl I really love this outfit. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I'm all for breaking the rules that society have given us when it comes to how we should dress. 
The long sleeves make this a really versatile item suitable for several seasons and they have a faint and interesting pattern right the way down to the cuffs. If worn on it's own, the length allows you to really showcase your legs and some cute heels would really set it off. As you can see I opted for a more casual style.

I really like the side zip detail at the hem of the dress, not only is this a cool style feature I think that if worn as a singular item this could add a little extra sexiness to the garment and could allow some extra thigh to be showcased. I also think it could come in handy for women with a larger behind or stomach because you could give yourself a little more space in the mid section by having the zips open. 

When putting this outfit together my idea was to keep things bright and fresh for the season with only a slight touch of colour. I love how white looks against my complexion as the golden tones in my skin stand out more. I thought that these canvas boots would give me some additional height and pull the overall look together. These were from New Look but you can pick up a similar pair here.
I'll be honest I am having major hair issues these days which is why you guys have seen a lot of hats and hair scarves on the blog recently. Seeing as I have a rather large collection of bandanas this white one with paisley print was a must for me! 

I have a large collection of tote bags that seems to keep expanding lol. Me being such a body confidence activist and a lover of fun slogans led me to select this cute bag from Zizzi. For a small splash of colour I wore my pink diamonte lightning bolt necklace that I've had for about a hundred years. Hanna being a huge lipstick lover has been encouraging me to try more shades and so it was fortunate for me that I happen to have a magenta lipstick that's the exact same shade as my pendant. 

There are some really great lines available from Nadia's capsule collection. Be sure to head on over to Boohoo to see it in it's entirety. You know what I say, have fun with your style, wear what you want, not what people tell you to wear. Fashion is meant to be about expression and style not conforming to someone else's ideals. 

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


  1. I have this same dress! I would never have thought to pair it with bottoms; good idea as mine comes out quite short lmao!
    You look gorgeous and I LOVE the shoes. :)

    1. Hey Stephanie I hope you're well. Yeah the dress came up short on me too so I figured I'd create a sports luxe sort of style and wear some leggings with it. Looking forward to seeing how you style it Hun xx

  2. I love how you did the sports Luxe look with this dress and the pink diamante lightening bolt is amazing and looks great with the dress.