Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Curvy Kate Review - Jetset Swim Range

*These Items Were Gifted To Me For Review

It's been years since I have ventured out into the water to swim. I absolutely love swimming but due to hair care maintenance (something any woman with Afro/Caribbean hair will understand) and the lack of good and supportive swimwear available, I was deterred from taking a dip into the deeper waters. 

With a holiday to Greece on the calendar and the general desire to improve my exercise regime I thought it was an idea to start my search and see what I could pick up in the swimwear department. I was looking for something with a sleek and flattering style that would feel comfortable and support my 38K bust. I decided that as a regular customer and huge fan of the brand, I would message the girls at Curvy Kate and see what they might recommend. I was looking for something that would support and lift my bust and give me the appearance I was hoping for whilst lounging on the beach. 

At first I toyed with getting a tankini and some bottoms. When I swim I like to feel free to just do my thing with a strong confidence and not be hindered from having a good time. Initially I was looking for something bright and bold and my eyes were firmly on their Seashell set. I then decided I wanted to settle for something with a more classic style and so I selected the Jetset

Stock Images Courtesy Of Curvy Kate

As the different style and shapes of the Curvy Kate range can vary I thought it best to go for a 40J. Often with bras if you go down a cup size then it's common place to go up in the back size to regain the balance. When I first tried this Bikini top on I have to say I was seriously surprised. The support was better than most of the bras I own! I'm not sure if it was the padded finish of the top or the material used but I felt highly supported and extremely comfortable. The metallic detail on the straps gave a simple black piece that little extra style. The metallic sliders are extremely comfortable and didn't dig in to me once. 

I had never owned a Bikini top before this one and I was concerned that as soon as I got wet that I wouldn't feel supported and that my beasts would drop heavily. I decided to give the set a test drive and so went for a swim in women's lake at Hampstead Heath. In truth and weirdly enough I felt even more support once the top became wet. I have no idea why and I can't explain it but this to me definitely gave the item extra brownie points! The experience of wearing the set in Greece didn't change and the added sunshine and warmth of the Mediterranean sea was an added bonus!

I got the swim-skirt in a size 20 and this was very comfortable. Built in knickers with the additional skirt attached made for a sleek and sexy piece. I did however decide to opt for a pair of high waisted swim knickers when on holiday in Greece as I wanted my stomach concealed for comfort. I wanted to ensure that all of my problem areas were covered on holiday and so that I wouldn't need to constantly apply sunscreen to that area (lazy I know). 

I really enjoyed wearing these items and I will most definitely pick up some of the other sets in the collection. There are some great package holidays available at the moment and I may be in need of another set! 
The 2014 collection is still available online and in many stores. Check out the Curvy Kate site to see what set catches you eye and for information on stockists. 

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