Monday, 29 September 2014

That Zizzi Feeling!

Hey everyone I hope all is well. Sorry that it's been been rather quiet on the blog lately.  I've been a little under the weather and quite snowed under at work. Having said all of that I have still taken the time to make sure that I am prepared for the change in the seasons and I have made it my mission to play around with some cool looks for autumn and winter. 

It's now the time of the year when things start to wind down, we try to get prepared for the cold and wet days and the special events such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve and the office Christmas party. 
I like to tone things down a little, bringing in a little more bling, dark and rich tones and some warmer essentials when it comes to my wardrobe. Recently I have been looking for some sleek items that I can wear both in a casual and sophisticated way; items with that little something extra. 

I was recently gifted this gorgeous top by Zizzi. This is a sample for an upcoming collection in size M. I really like the style of this top. The asymmetrical cut really adds to the piece. I really enjoy wearing this top as it hangs nicely and clings to all the correct places. The material is lightweight and would suit both warmer and cooler months. What I really like about this piece is the detailed features. The rouched hemline gives it a nice dimension and the beaded shoulder with draped detail is really nice. I like a little extra sparkle and the shoulder detail in this itself is almost like wearing an additional accessory. 

I really enjoy items with a bold section or garish print. For me a single item that can act as a strong focal piece for any ensemble is likely to find its way into my closet. I find that items like this really take the pressure off; it can be a challenge to find the right adornments and accessories to pull together an outfit so something with a show stopping feature can do all the work for you leaving you to just enjoy your look. 

This top is a multi purpose item that can be worn in many different ways. I decided to pair it with wet look leggings for more of a classic-chic look. For me comfort is a really big thing when it comes to selecting an outfit and simple leggings made this outfit a really easy wear. This top could also be paired with skinny jeans, jeggings or a skirt depending on the look you want to achieve. 

A simple drop necklace, silver clutch and black heels complete my look here. You could of course have some bursts of colour by wearing some interesting shoes, coloured leggings or you might even play around with your choice of make up.

Hopefully we'll see this one make it's way into the new collection but for now check out some of the gorgeous items from Zizzi and take a look at the AW14 lookbook to see what items might work well for you in this current season. 

There are some gorgeous items coming from Zizzi in the Spring and Summer of 2015 and I can already say I will endeavour to add several items to my wardrobe because from what I have seen so far they are must haves! Check out this clip of their recent fashion show for some sneak peaks!

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!


  1. That clutch is so cute! I bought my first Zizzi dress recently, and I can't wait to wear it.

    1. Thanks Hun it's one of those ones I've had for YEARS! I really like the collection from Zizzi especially the SS15 collection that's due to come out x

  2. Great fall look! I like your description of your shift into fall style by bringing in darker colors but more bling to contrast with the bleak weather and more muted colors. This look sums up what you were saying perfectly. I love that it has a bit of glitz mixed with a bit of edge.

    <3 Liz

    1. Hey Liz thanks for the message. I like to bring in a little sparkle and glamour this time of year heading into the party season and I look forward to doing more of the same in the next few weeks. Glad you like the look x