Friday, 7 March 2014

Magnificent 7th - Sport Relief

The 7th day in every month is a day that the bloggers are challenged to follow a theme and come up with a creative idea around the theme. This month the theme is: Sport Relief.

When I thought about this theme several things came to mind. I thought about the cheerleaders you see on the sidelines dressed to impressed doing their cute and athletic dance routines. The girls you see at the boxing games or car shows in their cute and tight fitting outfits.... I quickly realised I have nothing in my wardrobe that might work with those ideas so then I got to thinking, 'what else can I do?' I don't own any interesting Jersey's for my favourite team or player so I ended up going for something related to my favourite form of exercise.

I love to swim it is one of those things I have always loved to do and I never get bored of. I could spend all day in the water be it at my local swimming baths or at the beach. 

I recently bought a swimdress from Evans which hugs my curves and hangs just perfectly! With a little added support for my bust. What more could you want? Something that makes you look good that can be used for exercise and lounge-wear on the beach. I also purchased a Kaftan to wear with this one so that should I end up at the beach on a rather windy day I can get a little more coverage.

With this one I may need a wrap or a cinch belt as I wouldn't want to end up in a Monroe moment at the beach should a gust of wind pick up speed. The Kaftan is completely open at the sides which makes it a one size fits all garment. It is so light and flowing that it's perfect as a cover up on a sunny day. I personally would like that added security with it though.

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