Saturday, 24 May 2014

Black Fusion, A Simple Experiment!

Hello everyone sorry I've been away for a few days, I have been snowed under at work and have been unable to write up a post for you lovely lot. Work commitments have been pretty heavy for me at the moment but you will see more of me in the next few days...

When it comes to what I wear I have no set rules to my style repertoire. I know some ladies have those little things that they "always" do when it comes to selecting the garments that they wear. 
In my case I see what works together, if it suits the given weather outside and I'll find a way to make it work for me. Despite the fact that many of us shy away from black clothing due to the never ending barrage of fashion rules set forth by us about what we can and can't wear; I like to incorporate black into my wardrobe. Usually these items fall into the staple bracket but I actually thought I would have a bit of fun with the colour. I know we have all heard those tales about black being slimming, a girls best friend etc etc. I actually love the colour as I see it as a blank canvas you can make work with pretty much anything. Another bonus, it works against every skin tone!

I have been going through many fashion magazines lately and seeing what other people are doing with outfits and I have to say I love the idea of mixing fabrics! I think it gives an outfit another dimension and that little something extra to make it pop on the street. I thought I would try and do this and so I mixed denim, lace and polyester. Of course I didn't stop there though, I picked items with even more extras...

The top is a piece that I really enjoying wearing, it has a V cut in the back by the shoulders and the length is perfect in both the front and the back. I don't like to wear too many tops that are long in the front so this one has a really nice shape for me. The back is long and goes over your bottom which is great for coverage if you want to wear leggings with it. Made from polyester and dressed in a floral velvet detail the piece from Evans makes for a really nice piece in the wardrobe. I have this in a size 22. 

The lace jacket is a piece that I have a major soft spot for! I think that lace is such a sexy fabric and that it gives a totally new element to an ensemble. The jacket from Live Unlimited (available at Evans) in size 24 is one that I will definitely bring out on the town with many different looks. 

If you know my blog then you'll be familiar with the jeans. From Junarose these are my sparkle and glam jeans. The diamant√© detail is the thing I like the most about these, I have them in a size XXL. 

When it came to accessories I thought it best to keep it simple. Seeing as I have so many different textures and things going on in the outfit I went for my simple polka dot drop earrings, Collectif pearl and diamanté bow bracelet and my trusty black platform heels.

Play around in your wardrobe and if you don't want to go wild maybe just start off with one colour. I thought it was fun and I enjoyed wearing this look. 


  1. What a fun way to wear black! I really like the jeans. x

    1. Thanks honey. I don't wear enough black these days lol which is odd as I used to live in the colour! xx