Friday, 2 January 2015

Have You Seen Amy? A Monroe Knows Review

*This dress was a gifted item

We women like our dresses to be flattering, stylish and comfortable and when searching for the perfect dress it can be hard to know where to start. I was recently given the chance to review a gorgeous dress from Monroe Knows. There are many up and coming brands out there at the moment and I have to say one thing that sets Monroe Knows apart from many competitors is their clear thought and insight into making clothes to suit a plus size shape. I'm reviewing their Amy Dress in red size 24. This dress is available in sizes 18-26 in 2 other colour-ways; black and green. When picking up dresses I have to be careful when selecting a size because of my bust and behind. More often than not I have to upsize because of this. There have been many a time when I have tried on something and it fits me perfectly everywhere except those areas so I always like to play it safe. 

I was really impressed with the attention to detail with this dress, firstly the fabric is really good quality. 95% viscose and 5% spandex there is plenty of stretch with this one which is more than accommodating to those of us with a large bust and generous behind. The slight gathering at the waist works as a built in cinch built; enhancing the shape of the dress and accentuating the curvature of your silhouette. I really like dresses that work with your curves and highlight the key areas that we like to showcase. I tend to gravitate towards dresses that pull in at the waist and mould nicely around my breasts. I like the the skirt of a dress to hang loosely on me and the top section of the dress to cling. I find that this sort of cut works best with my shape and size. 

I find that dresses with a wrap detail suit pretty much any size and shape of woman and they work with women who have small, medium or large shape breasts which is a huge bonus for us as a consumer and of course the designer. Admittedly I have some dresses that most definitely work better with large busted ladies so I think it's nice when there is a dress that is pretty much open to all who like it. 

The three quarter length sleeves are really comfortable and stretchy which again is a bonus as sleeves can be a tight spot for some of us bigger women. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that even though I will expose my arms during warm months and such I do feel more comfortable with them covered which is why I love my jackets, shrugs and cardigans. 

The overall length of the dress is really nice and stops just past the knee for me. I'm 5'5 and so this acts as a slightly longer dress than many of my others but that's actually the thing I like about it. Many of the vintage dresses that I adore are also this length and I find that you can be sexy yet understated when wearing a dress which displays your cleavage but sits at a comfortable length. For me this is always a bonus because I have a large and high behind which tends to make many of my skirts and dresses hitch up a little in the back and I worry about having to wear leggings or tights underneath to conceal my private parts should a high wind kick up or something. 

I have a thing for wine red items, especially dresses as I have about 4 of them already! I have to say I really like this colour I think it compliments many different skin tones and it's not to bold or brashy which sometimes is required. I have worn this dress to work and it makes for a really practical item. I spend a lot of hours on my feet running around and talking to a variety of people so I like clothes which carry a certain sophistication about them but still carry that chic and stylish flair that makes us women feel like a million dollars. 

Here in these pictures I decided to keep things simple wearing only a statement necklace and black heels in addition to the dress. I thought I'd break out one of my black hair scarves. I tend to wear hair scarves a lot this time of year, I find that they work with a huge selection of looks and help to keep the cold at bay.
This dress would look really cute worn with flats or even a pair of boots. 

If you like the look of this dress and would like to pick it up for yourself you can get it here and the good news is that the dress has been reduced from £74.99 down to an amazing £37.50!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


  1. You look great in that dress, the colour is just perfect! x

    1. Hey Hanna I Hope all is well, thanks for the compliment I love this colour and have several dresses in this shade lol.

      Happy new year to you xx