Monday, 12 January 2015

Taking Control With Shapewear - A Taking Shape Review

*This item was gifted to me
P.S Sorry about the quality of the photo, lack of make up and the random plug socket on the floor.

With so many varying styles and shapes of clothes out there it can be hard to find something to fit perfectly. When it comes to designing and creating clothes I don't underestimate how difficult of a task that is for any brand. As there are so many different body shapes we women come in; pear, apple, hour glass, goblet, triangular etc. and many of us are a combination of different shapes or something else in-between. With that in mind it's no surprise that most brands will create an item that works with the majority or the most common silhouette. This is understandable though, can you imagine how much time and money it would cost to make each design available in all of these different cuts?! I'm of the opinion that if something is 90% there fit-wise then you can make adjustments to make the garment look and fit that bit better.

I really like to wear fitted dresses in bodycon and wiggle styles but as I have an ample behind, large bust and a bit of a belly I can sometimes have issues in one of those areas or all 3! This of course is dependant on the fabric, cut and size of the item. Often just upsizing can be the solution to the problem but if there is that outfit that fits perfectly with the exception of one area I like to wear shapewear to gently smooth out that area and make the outfit more presentable. 

Traditionally the only undergarment that women could wear to achieve a smoother shape and narrower waist was a corset. For some women just the word corset is a descriptive for a torture device! I have worn a corset before and I have to say although an amazing shape can be achieved, for day to day wear I wouldn't be inclined to take up wearing one on a regular basis. I think for fancy dress, a night here and there or for some nice photos they can be really good to wear. I personally prefer the more modern versions of shapewear that are available with my favourite being high waisted knickers and wear your own bra styles. 

The traditional 1900s style of corset. This would require the help of another person or 2 to get on. 

This illustration is supposed to represent what your body looks like internally whilst wearing a corset. 

Some think that wearing a corset on a regular basis can lead to lasting damage. Many people believe that no major damage will be caused from wearing a corset on a regular basis. There are many medical studies about this and from what I gather nothing concrete has been determined. It would seem that wearing a corset is fine providing it's not laced too tightly to produce an extreme shape, it can cause your organs to be positioned differently which can present difficulties whilst breathing which would in turn prevent oxygen from travelling through your body at a sufficient pace. Wearing a corset as a form of shapewear is perfectly fine providing you can still function as normally as possible without severe tightness to the body.

Here in 2015 shapewear has come an extremely long way with cheaper, more comfortable and easier to wear items on the market. Whilst traditional corsets are still available everywhere to buy, even more modern varieties of the style have reached the market with really nice fabrics, patterns and different boning structures. The corset has somewhat been relinquished by many women who have hung up their laced garments in exchange for girdles, shorts, slips and bodyshaping knickers and other control garments. Many of these items are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. A lot of them are even built to allow for easy toilet access which is an added bonus!

Many women are wearing items to produce a more permanent body shape such as waist cinchers and waist trainers. These produce the same results as corsets but it's a timely and gradual process. Women who are really pushing to have more prominent curves have been using these to re-shape their bodies. 
The majority of women prefer to wear items that can be removed and leave their body in it's original shape and it seems that these are some of the most common items on the market. 

Waist Cincher 

I much prefer to wear control underwear and shapewear so when I was given the chance to review the new range from Taking Shape I jumped at the chance!
The new range from Taking Shape so far is the best shapewear I have ever owned! Not only is it really light on the skin and extremely comfortable, it still pulls you in and smooths you out in those target areas. Some of the shapewear that I have can be really tight and somewhat uncomfortable and having to go to the toilet can be problematic when trying to fight to get the garment back on! I'm sure those of us who have worn such garments know what I'm talking about there!

I got the Underbust Smooth Body Shaper to try out. The straps are adjustable and this item slips on like a glove and feels amazing on! I actually forget that I'm wearing it when it's on! 86% Nylon and 14% Elastane makes this an easy wear. I cannot stress how comfortable it is and I really like the overall look achieved when I wear this under my clothes. For those who wear their shapewear as their underwear there is a built in slit for easy toilet access. I always wear knickers underneath my shapewear so unfortunately I can't  feedback on how the item fares in that department. If you are looking for a piece that is comfortable, easy to put on and doesn't show underneath your clothes then check out some of the new collection by Taking Shape.

Unfortunately this particular piece is currently out of stock on the Taking Shape website but there are some amazing pieces available at great prices so do take a look! 

Here are just some of the new shapewear styles available from Taking Shape:

Thing I love about shapewear is how it makes you feel, that thin and amazingly enginerred piece of fabric can seriously lift your confidence when wearing your favourite items as well as help you to showcase your clothes to the fullest!

If you would like to try out one of these amazing items check out the new collection from Taking Shape!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


  1. This shapewear looks so good on you, love that it makes you feel great. I havent worn it before because I cant find any that I feel comfortable in xxx

    1. Thanks Laura x
      It does take a lot of window shopping and trying things out to find a good match. Honestly this shapewear really does the job and it doesn't pinch or tug in any area. Defo worth checking out Taking Shape hun x

  2. I have a few bits of shape wear and feel so confident wearing it now x

    1. My first experience of shapewear wasn't very positive but after trying out a few different types and brands I have found the styles that work for me. It's a really good feeling when you finally have something that works for you!